Quick Tip: Eggs / by Katie Brightbill

My husband loves eggs with runny yolks. I am about average in the kitchen as an overall rule, but when it comes to eggs, I am considerably sub-par. I cannot- for the life of me- get that egg yolk to stay intact. I'm talking 3/10 ratios here. Most end up scrambled in the pan... until recently...

We have this griddle that I got for our wedding. I've used it from time to time, but since I tried using it to make eggs, it has changed everything. I want to make eggs all the time now. I can do eight at a time! The yolks don't break... I don't even have to spray or butter the surface, which is a nutritional bonus. Just crack the eggs on to the pan, salt and pepper them, turn them over when they look ready, and voila! Eggs intact for everyone in the family.

Try it. Seriously.

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