Maggie's First Birthday Recap / by Katie Brightbill

Today seems like a good day to recap Maggie's first birthday party! She was pretty pleased with the whole deal. Everyone was paying attention to her, she got to hear people sing the "happy birthday" song (one of her favorite songs ever!) and she got her first lollipop. She wasn't a big fan of birthday cake, but we made up for that by feeding her her favorite: enchiladas.

I made one paper puff and hung it in the middle of the drink station with some papel picado (handmade, it's easy! see the tutorial under "sources" below) and I cut the letters quickly by hand.  My dad made agua frescas for the party with fresh strawberries and melons. Tasted just like a taqueria... actually, better! The juice was a big hit with the kids and Maggie got her first taste and loved it. The entertainment was a pinata for the kids, who took home more candy than their parents probably preferred. We sent the little girls home with the bow hair clip favors that I made and attached to pretty paper from Paper Source and slid into cellophane bags. 

It was a perfectly bright party for our sweet, happy baby! 

* Maggie's party was featured on Apartment Therapy Family today too! Take a look HERE. :)