Before and After: Toms Shoes / by Katie Brightbill

Hello, we have our first guest post today! My brilliant friend Natalie gave new life to her daughter's old, grungy Toms shoes, and I asked her to share the how-to with everyone here! Also, visit her blog at 

I've learned not to get my expectations too high when picking outfits and fixing hair for my strong-willed firstborn daughter. Somehow, what I envision for Greta doesn't translate to reality. My recent enlightenment is that I ask her opinion before we buy and we pick outfits right then and there together so that we can avoid future morning disagreements. Enter Toms shoes. The most expensive shoes this little girl owned and she wouldn't wear them. They were faded, scuffed, and "yucky." One afternoon, I took out my fabric paint in all their glory and let her pick whatever she wanted.We agreed on light blue and got started painting them together. The next day I suggested we snazz them up with a heart and her eyes got wide and she said, "I would love that."I used more of a fine tipped paintbrush to freehand the heart and filled it in with a bigger one. If you are hesitant, just start with a small heart and even out the edges little by little until they match the way you like them.

Greta loves her new favorite "kindergarten shoes" (and I love that they're no longer her "yucky" shoes). Give it a try! Nothing to lose.

Before & After

*A word about the Rocky River Farmhouse blog: I have a lot of projects that I'm proud of, but my most recent accomplishment is my 3rd child-- and the reason I haven't blogged since July of last year. So feel free to dust off the cobwebs and take a look around! Hopefully I can soon get back to writing all the things that have been happening this past year! *Natalie