Welcome to... / by Kate Brightbill


The other day, my mom came in with a vase of flowers for us. Sophie took them right from her and said "thank you gramma!" and took them directly to her playroom and set them in the middle of the table. They looked perfect and beautiful and I smiled at my mom and said "I hope you don't expect the vase to get back home to you." 

It was that moment that I realized that she takes a bit of pride in their little playroom, so I thought I should share it on their behalf. First: our place was rented to us as a two bedroom, and this little nook between the kitchen and dining room was considered a little walkthrough, not an actual room. It's bigger than Sophie's toddler room was (HA), and it's perfect storage for all their toys! I love that we have the girls share a room, and their toys are separate so I can really manage them and keep them in order. Don't get me wrong, they make giant messes in this little room, but at the end of the day, everything has a place. I love that. 

I also have to show you the storage cabinet and other wall, but it's tricky getting pictures of everything, so I'll save that for another day. 

Some of my favorite little elements in their room (almost all gifts!! SO thankful for family & friends who spoil the girls rotten):

Kitchen || Grocery Cart || Table & Chairs || Stacking Ring || Garland || 3-Tier Storage || Aprons (similar)   

Another little corner of our home: we dine in HERE.