Weekend Links / by Kate Brightbill

Oh Happy Day asked Sophie to model fancy DIY watercolor party hats, and hold balloons.  #yesplease

Not much is more summery gorgeous than bright ice confetti balls in a beverage! 

I love citrus fruit... in every form. 

I've seen a lot of people credit luck for success, particularly online success, so I love this backstory; it's proof that hard work is what works best.

We're all putting chia seeds in everything right? It's for our health.

Speaking of health (errr), now I want ice cream sandwiches (it all balances out).

I couldn't love this blog anymore than I do.  

It doesn't get very hot around here, but I want to try all 8 recipes anyway. 

I'm always eyeing stylish little girl dresses, and this one is my current favorite... 30% off this weekend makes it so tempting...  

My favorite pin of the week is this one (open faced sandwiches are a major weakness of mine).

My favorite Etsy shop of the week- particularly the dishtowel that says "butter makes it better." True that...

Happy Weekend.