Fancy Little Tea Party / by Kate Brightbill

hiip and friends-hiip and friends-0131 (1).jpg

We have a lot of tea parties around here... it's inevitable when you have two little girls and plenty of tea sets. Most of them are set by Sophie and have a lot of pretend food and pretend friends.

SOMETIMES though, it's fun to create a little surprise for her and set a real tea party for the girls and their little friends. Yogurt parfaits, fruit, and little biscuits set on a kid's table with a pretty kid's-size tablecloth (this one is Rufflewood- just convo her if you want to order one similar) and tiny tea cups. It's a special treat for the kids to be dressed up for tea, and you can even teach them extra little manners while they're feeling like little ladies.


It's extra fun if you let the kids accessorize themselves in their fanciest headbands and princess dresses too. ;) -- you can tell, Sophie takes accessorizing very seriously...


And let the kids enjoy!!  

photos by Pictilio for StyleSmaller.