So Good: Minted by Kate Brightbill

I love Christmas cards. I love giving them! I love receiving them! I haven't sent any in a few years because I've been slacking, but (maybe this isn't something you admit!) I still have the one we made in 2009 up on my fridge. I keep it there for two reasons: 1. I can remind myself to do them again, and 2. The memories from the day we took the pictures are such good ones, and I love to be reminded of REALLY good days... don't we all? 

I ordered my Christmas cards for this year yesterday. Now that I'm in my 30's, no more procrastinating! I'm not sharing mine on here yet, because all my friends won't open their envelopes from us with any apprehension at all. I will, however, make a little recommendation for you: use Minted

Minted is a San Francisco company (cha ching! points for them right there! ;), they have gorgeous choices, and every one I've seen is amazing quality. Their turnaround time is 10 days for me, which I personally think is fantastic. It means that I'll get mine November 15th, so I'll have a full month to get them addressed and in the mailbox to get there in time. I'm kidding! I'm totally having them out December 1st. That does remind me though: Minted can address them all for you if you're on the slacking train like me. 

There you have it. You think that's all? Nope. I got hooked on iMovie today!! What does this mean?

It means that Sophie, Maggie and I made our own commercial all about how much we love Minted's holiday cards! It's the funniest thing: my children will smile for pictures for anyone except me, BUT they'll make videos with me The catch is that they want to watch them back- haha. 

Enjoy! xoxo! 



I was not compensated for this post. Minted provided Christmas cards that I am 100% thrilled to mail to dear friends & family this year. All opinions are my own.


Monday Morning Apple Pie by Kate Brightbill

Good morning!! Weekend is over, and we're starting this week fresh with a little video, brought to you by Sophie. I love when she gets in this mode of "here's how you do it," and she tries to use her professional tone to teach.

She was SUPER excited to host her own video to "tell all the people how to make an apple pie." 

This is the pie we kept. We gave two away, and shared two with our dear friends, who saw this video and hopefully didn't mind that their piece was likely touched, patted, and sampled lovingly by our four-year-old. 

Happy Monday! I have a good feeling about this week. It's starting to feel like fall!!!  



Ps. For the recipe, see THIS post. Ours looks a little different, but they taste the same... and that is, amazing.



Happy Father's Day! by Kate Brightbill

I'm amazed at how my husband fathers my children... he takes them to climb trees, play baseball, kick soccer balls, and he builds forts like none other. These girls have no idea how blessed they are, but I do. 

Brian loves videos and creating videos... I'm the picture girl & he's the video guy, but I wasn't about to make him create his own father's day video, so here's my short and sweet little video for him (and I cannot get the quality any better, so you may as well watch it small! #amateur :) 

for the record: daddy loves football best, with baseball as a close second. Daddy does love burgers, and likes salad... kind of. With pizza... ;)