Sophie + Kira Kids by Kate Brightbill

Kira Kids SS16

Kira Kids launched Spring/Summer 2016 tonight! The brand is perfectly comfortable, in patterns and silhouettes that kids love wearing. 

Kira asked Sophie to shoot with them for their lookbook, and they had the amazing Amber Mckee behind the camera, & styled by Lucia Tran (always fabulous), so we now have some incredible shots of my little seven-year-old (and that adorable gap in her teeth!!). Real smiles, real fun, and the shots show it. 

The lovely lady behind Kira Kids is the ever so sweet Christine, and when we chatted, we realized we went to rival schools one year apart. This bay area of ours is such a small world...  I love that a local has created such a fun brand for kids! 

Bonus to the line is that everything is made in California, organic, and printed with non-toxic ink. :)

Kira Kids
Kira Kids
Kira Kids
Kira Kids

Thanks for the fun, Kira! xx.

Summer Loving: Pescadero by Kate Brightbill


Summer really just IS the best. There's no way around it. Kids have so many opportunities to get outside and get fresh air and have endless fun. 

Yesterday, we went in the tiny backyard to play a bit, and lo and behold! Our plum tree has plums! Our apple tree has apples! We did a pre-fruit-picking session, realized the fruit isn't ready to be picked, and were totally fine with that because... on the agenda today was berry picking... 

I woke and thought to myself, "we have no gingham! We have no cowboy boots!" and then I tried to be reasonable and say that going to the country does not equal a requirement to dress country. Maggie has overalls. Sophie got braids. Two thumbs up. We went country. 

In Pescadero. Which I now know is nearly 1.5 hours of driving each way {depending on traffic}. So be it! Brian didn't need the car, so we piled in, and on our way.

Sophie got some quality independence and picked berries with her best little friend. It's such a sweet thing to see tiny babies get bigger and adore one another genuinely still. They're looking like such school-kids these days, and I kind of love it and hate it all at once. Nostalgia, cry me a river and all that sort of motherly sappiness. They stayed a couple rows away and giggled about who-knows-what while they filled their buckets. Brought me right back to my childhood, let me tell you. Childhood is a dream.


Maggie isn't a berry picker, per say. I have a lot of pictures of her in the fields, and in 3/4 of them, she's eating unripe berries, and the other 1/4 she looks pretty grouchy. You can take the kid out of the city, but apparently she doesn't have to like it. Thankfully, the tractor WAS a hit, and telling her little cousins what to do was another big hit. The youngest has to share her knowledge somewhere. I can totally relate. I was the youngest in my family too. 

All said, it was a good day. It's been a good week. It's a great summer. I think maybe the best on the books, but that's probably too bold to say since we're in our first official week of summer. Maybe it's because my kiddos are at such good ages? They're still young enough to be in awe and sweet about all these activities, but not so young where they're 100% needy when we're out and about. 

I heart summertime. 


Summer! by Kate Brightbill


In San Francisco, some summer days we'll spend in solidarity with the out-of-towners, together wearing our shorts and tanks as it should be... others we will cuddle in hoodies and sip cocoa. The bottom line, though, is that it's official: it's SUMMER! 

(AND it's Friday!) 

Let's do this. Also:

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Inspired by: Memorial Day! by Kate Brightbill

Can't quite explain how thrilling it is too look at the calendar and realize that Memorial Day weekend has snuck up and is THIS weekend!! Whoohoo! We aren't traveling this year, but a Monday devoted to BBQ's and friends and celebrating summertime's sweet arrival is always a good one. These are my favorite summertime picks for ya:


hat ||

shorts || scarf || bag

swimsuit || sandals || rings

towel || radio || eyelet tank