Baby Jack! by Kate Brightbill


In case you didn't realize it- I birthed a baby! Jack is here! He's been on the scene 7 weeks, two days today (7 weeks already!?) and... he is a DREAM. 

Since I've given myself a wealth of maternity blog leave, it's a little tricky to figure out where to start after the break. I've attempted on multiple occasions to write "The Story" of Jack David's birth, and with all the feels, but frankly, I'm too emotionally up and down to really get those words on the screen without a fit of tears. But- like- the thought of a kitten getting stuck in a tree might send me to tears these days, so don't put too much stock in my tears. Mostly it's hormone imbalances, and maybe I'll write it later, but ahh, bottom line: childbirth is a miracle, and this one felt especially so. Jack David is our miracle baby and our gratitude levels are overflowing.

Now. I will answer the top two questions and comments regarding our new lifestyle. Seems fitting. 

1. "how are you sleeping?!" An answer that varies by the day. On a day after a rough night, I've been known to kind of wave my hand as a gesture to my frizzy hair and the dark under-eye circles and just answer... "no." No. (Best thing to do is walk away). 

Other moments, I get particularly verbal and start play-by-playing my nights of that week... "Oh a couple nights ago was dreadful- he woke at 1, 3, AND 5- can you believe it?, then last night was amazing, he woke at 3: 23 and then didn't wake again, but last week! let me tell you..." etc etc. I don't know what gets into me. We all know no one needs the hour by hour and week by week sleep schedule, but hey, if you're going to ask, be prepared to buckle up and listen... Chances are, I've had two extra cups of caffeine and that is what has put us in this situation. 

Bottom line? Ask me again in a month. I was an incredibly faithful sleep trainer with my first two, and they were sleeping 6/7 hours straight by 8 weeks, but when you're running around getting big kids here to there, AND attempting to maintain a newborn daytime schedule, it's a totally different situation. I do my best to keep consistent, but I cannot truly adhere to the high standard, so I can't expect him to sleep to the same standard. That said, he only woke at 4:30 to eat last night, so as of this moment, he's basically a superstar. 

2. Three kids? Your hands are FULL. Most people who have children stop at two around here. I respect this- it's obviously much more conducive to getting from here to there, and definitely more manageable, but three! Three is FUN. Happy chaos. Chaos, yes. Moments of too much noise, moments of disobedience, moments of tears... But I've already realized (from the crazy fact that I'm about to have a SEVEN YEAR OLD, whaaat?) that this whole newborn-dependent-on-me every moment of the day and night stage is fleeting. The answer is that yes, my hands are full. I can't always look eloquent managing the variables, and I may get more than my fair share of glances, but full hands are keeping me on my toes and keeping my prayer life abundant. PS. My abuelita had 14 children, so I'm sure if she would have heard people telling me three children means my hands are full, she would have had a good long laugh. 

It's good to be back here. So much to say, so few moments taken to type! Now back to my regularly scheduled program... baby has to eat! Back again soon!


xoxo. Over and out, friends. 

* Jacks sweater and cozy blanket c/o Hanna Andersson