That Was Fun

That Was Fun: Marimekko Store by Kate Brightbill


A couple weeks ago, Jeanne from Shop Sweet Things invited Sophie and me to a Marimekko event at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto. I have been a fan of the brand forever, and we were free to make the drive that day, so we spent the day in the bright, colorful wonderland together. Balloons, face-painting, mini cupcakes and FUN... yes, please! 

Sophie and I walked the runway in Marimekko brights, and we had a little one-on-one time eating cupcakes, catching balloons, and perusing the new American Girl store across the way. 

We took home pretty new lunch boxes in exchange for modeling the pretty dresses. We'll be packing those boxes daily for my Sophie in the fall {Ohhhhh how can it be? Kindergarten is just around the corner!}.

I could have snagged SO many pieces they had to offer. Tons of cuteness in one small space. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-06 at 12.04.42 PM.png

Some photos by Shop Sweet Things // Others taken by me with my iPhone. ;)

Marimekko Palo Alto: Stanford Shopping Center #71 180 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Cupcakes! by Kate Brightbill


SO much to say, so little time. I've been home only about a total of five daylight hours this week... okay, okay, I exaggerate a little. Seriously though, I've had so much fun this week, and I want to share a few pics from the good time I had last night.  

There's a place in Seattle called Trophy Cupcakes, and the amazing owner of the business recently wrote the most beautiful book! She came to San Francisco to teach us tips on decorating cupcakes (I have a LONG way to go on my skills... notice that I didn't include pics of my own cupcakes, haha!). I got to go on my own without anyone to watch, which was a welcome mini break in itself, and I enjoyed it even more than expected! I love hearing back stories from real life success in starting businesses, and Jennifer is a delightful lady. I actually never ever buy cookbooks because I don't use them, but I want this one. I'll be dreaming of that buttermilk frosting... 


As I said, so little time! We're headed to the rodeo, yeehaw! Happy Friday! I'll hopefully get a chance to post this weekend and share everything else!!  


That Was Fun: ReMake by Kate Brightbill

ReMake 2.jpg

Brit & Co. hosted their very first workshop and crafting fair this past weekend in San Francisco. I wasn't able to make the first day of the two-day workshop, so I missed hearing some of my favorite creatives share their inspiration, but I was able to drop by the second day to see artisans share their work. 

I love going to this type of thing. People create amazing things every day and sell them here and there- online generally- and events like this bring art to life. The best part is meeting the makers and chatting with them about where they're from, how they've made their pieces, and how they started their businesses. So many entrepreneurs!

A few pictures of some loveliness: 

Chewing the Cud  || Viola is sweet and makes incredible textiles! Her site is gorgeous too.

Chewing the Cud || Viola is sweet and makes incredible textiles! Her site is gorgeous too.

Ross Lab  || These beauties stack and each come with a perfect little bamboo spoons!

Ross Lab || These beauties stack and each come with a perfect little bamboo spoons!

Yield  || the bag unzips to become a picnic blanket! genius for my lifestyle.    Legos || Creating is for everyone! (kids too!)     Tops  || Creators also teach letterpress classes in the city!

Yield || the bag unzips to become a picnic blanket! genius for my lifestyle.

Legos || Creating is for everyone! (kids too!)

Tops || Creators also teach letterpress classes in the city!


Thank you Brit & Co. for inspiring creativity and hosting such a lovely event!!  


That Was Fun: Vince Fashion Brunch by Kate Brightbill


SO here's a new one: I went to a fashion show last weekend. And it was fabulous. It's incredibly fun to deviate from my normal role of stay-at-home mom on a Saturday, and enjoy some gorgeous adult fashion and eat everything on my decadent plate all by myself. ;)  

I got the invitation and had no idea what to expect. This isn't NYC, obviously. For me, it was perfectly ideal. NYC fashion doesn't come accompanied by a three-course brunch at the Four Seasons MKT restaurant with friends, which is what we were able to enjoy together. Views of the city included.


Dreaming of a day Brian and I can take a stay-cation at the Four Seasons... I mean, the views!!! The food at MKT! Lovvvve this place. I'm craving the burrata salad as we speak!  

Eggs Florentine at MKT

Eggs Florentine at MKT


The Vince holiday 2013 line. Soft, luxury fabric and gorgeous outerwear.


Thanks for the amazing brunch MKT, and to Vince for the serious fashion inspiration! We'll be back in a heartbeat.



That Was Fun: Lake Tahoe by Kate Brightbill


It's a bit hard to truly describe the time we had in Tahoe. It was different from any trip we've ever taken because (most of) my extended family all stayed in one big house together. We went on VRBO and found a spot that had bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool table, a movie theater, pingpong, foosball, a hot tub, a little play structure... everything we could possibly need. A couple people were in charge of each meal to spread the work evenly. We had a 3-week baby and my grandparents- all the generations in one beautiful home. 

I think that while we were there, we were all overwhelmed by how totally blessed we are. It can be an easy thing to forget when we're all in our separate places, spread apart, and doing our own things with our own ups and downs... but when all is said and done: we're there for one another through it. I think families who go through tough times can feel closer later, and it seems to be the case with this family. When my brother went through his battle with cancer, almost all my memories have a bit of extended family in the mix- from both sides, being there to console, to do overnighters, to bring gifts and food. I think that stuff sticks, and makes family closer than ever for the long haul. I'm hoping/praying it carries through the next generations because family is seriously such a gift. 

I'm also glad I have a blog going to document stuff like this so I can't forget the best times. :) 


Ps. How fabulous is it that Sophie & her cousin Em both hit up the gap 40% off sale and got the same swimsuit? They couldn't get over the excitement. 


That Was Fun: Renegade Craft Fair SF by Kate Brightbill


I spent some time- and a little money- at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. There were some REALLY good vendors this year, so I took pictures so you can get to know a few of the pretty shops and check them out online! It's seriously like Etsy in real life, which I love, because you can see the quality up close!! It's fantastic. The kids don't last too long in the crowds, so that's good for the pocketbooks (I never actually call them pocketbooks in real life, but it's a pretty fun word to type and totally felt like it belonged in the sentence, you know?). 

Clockwise from top left: 

1. Toyota Screenprinted Bags (so we could see how it's done!) for free AND raised money to help women through  #toyotagiving.. love a good cause. || 2. Rufflewood Pillows, with gorgeous prints and perfect seams for great prices! || 3&4. Honey & Bloom Prints and goodies. || 5. The crazy delicious ZConfections caramel corn. I couldn't get enough!! 


Clockwise from top left: 

6.  Shapes & Colors Textiles cheerful coin pouches. || 7. Ahhh! I didn't get the shop name, but such gorgeous color in these glass hanging plants (if you know, do tell!) 8. My favorite: incredibly crafted toys by A Summer Afternoon || 8. My dream bike was resting outside by the water, so obviously I took a picture. 

Oh, and hey! BONUS: freebie photo booth sessions! We weren't all ready for the first one... I think Maggie wins for best all-around variety of shots (as any good toddler should), and Sophie wins for most perfectly still-like-a-statue-with-a-mustache. She only moved her eyeballs, it seems. ;)  


Thanks for the fun, Renegade! Till next time. xoxo