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Smaller Style: Barrettes by Kate Brightbill

photo by  Pictilio

photo by Pictilio


I feel like Maggie has mastered the art of using of her baby blues to get whatever she wants. 

Style Smaller-2014 April-0009 (1).jpg

Pictilio took all these beautiful pictures of my Maggie girl. I love Pictilio. 

So- in other news- my shop has been opened almost a couple months, and I've been able to sample a few of the products... we hit the jackpot with these barrettes, my friends. My kids have crazy wispy and straight hair that is inconsolable with the average bobby pins. The pins have created a scenario where I can actually see both sets of their beautiful blue eyes daily, for the entire day without having to adjust every ten minutes. I love doubling them and mixing and matching color.  

Snag those barrettes HERE! {also in pink / yellow / turquoise}.


I love Minted by Kate Brightbill

Business Cards c/o  Minted  | Bobbi Pins are available in  My Shop

Business Cards c/o Minted | Bobbi Pins are available in My Shop

Ooooh, I've been blogging for 1.5 years and I finally got my first ever... BUSINESS CARDS! 

I've attended so many events around the city without anything to show for myself. Business cards are the way to put your best foot forward, and I didn't put ANY "foot forward." Not anymore, friends. Now I'll be handing these beauties out left and right. They're so fun because I was able to design them exactly how I wanted, with polka dots on the back, and all the essentials on the front. 

Mine are from Minted, and now that I've seen them in person, I wouldn't order from anyone else. I ordered the triple thick option, and they will NOT be getting lost in the crowd. They're entirely the quality I want. I'll take them everywhere with me! 

Minted + StyleSmaller

Today is Minted's birthday! They're SIX years old and full of prettiness. Visit them for business cards, cards, birthday invitations, stationery, or {what I'm currently eyeing} for their gorgeous art section

PS. The cards are c/o Minted. I'm a chronic fan of Minted... see my posts on their Christmas cards, MY Christmas card, and Minted notecards. All opinions are my own. I don't write about any brand unless I truly LOVE them. Thank you for supporting! xo

Minted Anniversary Sale

It's HERE!! by Kate Brightbill

Friends. I've flipped the switch and sent this little shop LIVE. You can officially SHOP STYLE SMALLER. There are pages for accessories, home, and toys. Access the shop any day using the tab directly above!

I'm so excited... I'm dreaming everything just works perfectly, and hoping you all just love these pieces as much as I do! I'm just learning the ropes around here, so I'm starting simple and shipping domestically only, but I'd love to expand to international shipping eventually. 

Please take a look at everything!! Take your sweet time perusing. The nice part about online shops for me is that I can chill on the couch with a cup of coffee during "naptime lockdown" and shop directly. Maybe you feel the same?

I also think it's important to let you know that I plan to continue blogging about our day-to-day, our city, and any other subject that comes to mind. The shop is an add-on, as opposed to any sort of blogging replacement. I don't know what I would do without my therapeutic sessions of typing my every thought and photographing my mini style inspirations. ;) 

So much love for all of you who come and read, follow and support me.

Cheers to this beautiful Wednesday!



Shop Talk by Kate Brightbill


That little countdown chain is telling us we only have 8 days until shop opening! EIGHT DAYS.

Yesterday, I let you in on the little secret shop opening next week. Today, I want to give you a little background about why and what the shop is about...

I'm always on the hunt for great products for stylish living with kids. Just because I have two pre-school aged children does not mean that I want my home or our life to be filled with plastics and chaos.

I want to maintain clean aesthetics... style that translates seamlessly between the things my children wear, to the toys they enjoy, to the home where they live. I believe it's possible to have a bright, beautiful life without submitting to messy, disorderly stereotypes. 

I'm not big on breaking the bank to accomplish these goals. I'm queen of consignment. I rarely purchase without thinking thoroughly about how much use a product will get. I love toys that entertain for long periods of time- for many years. Accessories that bring smiles to my girls' faces with their spunk and shine. Kids' bedroom products that function, while adding brightness and cheer to walls, shelves, and beds. Less is more, but "less" can be GREAT. When I make a purchase I want to love it, I want my children to love it, and I want it to be used over and over and bring a little extra dose of fun to the day-to-day.

So. The verdict?

It was time to get a shop opened. A shop that will include pieces from artists and makers who create beautiful and functional and affordable things, so you don't have to do all the research on your own. A one-stop shop for birthday gifts, for beautifying, for the items that add a little something happy for both parents AND children.

I've hand-picked every piece. Everything has been cleared and approved by my toughest little pair of kid-product critics. Our little team {ie. Sophie, Maggie & I} are so excited to show you! 

8 days to go! 

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