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Last night, I was thrilled to co-host the pre-opening event for Hanna Andersson in Corte Madera. The store is GORGEOUS, from the outside to every tiny detail inside. I definitely shouldn't have expected any different, considering their beautiful website. ;) The new store is having the BEST weekend deals, so if you're a local, GO! Snag some goods for the kids or the home!! 

Hanna is one of those brands that is really loved by the whole family (I'll show you in a few weeks how our baby boy is going to be loving his Hanna! Eeee, so excited!). The fabrics are soft and wash PERFECTLY. Hanna stands behind their products and allow lifetime returns because they guarantee good quality for every piece. With so many brands opting for 30 day strict return policies, this in itself is a breath of fresh air.

My budget was happy that I didn't bring the girls-- they literally would have wanted everything in the girls' section! Plenty of kitty and fox prints that they would fall in love with, cozy and practical pieces that have that extra special something to make them appealing for kids too (like a great neutral cargo jacket for school, made extra special with stars and a pink patch! SO cute!). I could not step away from the accessories sections: knee highs with dots and stripes! crocheted necklaces, or shiny heart necklaces (like my friend picked up for her daughter-- doesn't get much cuter!). Their sweaters and colors are brilliant- everything a kid could want for their fall wardrobes. 

StyleSmaller || @hanna #ilovemyhannas
StyleSmaller || @hanna

If you're not local, you can still shop your heart out-- online! I found my favorites for my kiddos (BELOW) -- soooo much cuteness, so much quality, and not too serious... Just like childhood products should be!! 

StyleSmaller || @hanna #ilovemyhannas

ABC Print | Pink Beanie | Dot Knee-highs

SweaterKitty Purse | Beanie

Striped Knee-highsClogs | Backpack

And one more picture of this kiddo that I absolutely adore... she sampled both of her dotty socks in one day because she's four, and making wardrobe changes is the story of our life, ha!:

Happy Friday!! xoxox

Cozy Kids: Socks & Tights by Kate Brightbill

Last week, I sent Sophie to school in her red chucks and no socks-- the few pair she had were in the laundry, and matching socks is not my forte. 

She came out of her school at pickup with her beaming smile, but she hugged me... then immediately informed me that her feet hurt because she didn't have socks. Ah. Time to do laundry, and probably provide more than three pair of socks for these girls. 

I love the look of socks on kids. Their feet are so small and adorable, and they can match bright colored knee-highs with skirts, they can wear socks high with sneakers, and they can wear socks with flats or mary-janes. Socks and cozy tights always seem to be a good idea in the fall. Ahhh the fall. The sweet, sweet season of fall...

Happy Sock Shopping to all!  


Spring Dreaming by Kate Brightbill

Spring and fall clothing are by far my favorite. Plenty of layering for breezy days, but not bundled to the point of discomfort. During the spring, the warm temps start showing, and flowers start blooming, and I get a terrible urge to go and shop for brights, patterns, and stripes.

Here are some cute ones for the little girls out there: 


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Be My Little Valentine by Kate Brightbill

Valentine | StyleSmaller

Denim Skirt | Dress | Heart Skirt

Red Tights | Heart Tights | Grey Tights

Sparkle Sneakers | Rain Boots | Oxfords

Sunglasses | Headband | Hairclips

Heart fever has struck. I'm a fan of grabbing some neutrals from my kids' closet, adding some red, and giving them a valentine that can be worn, like heart tights, sparkly hair clips, or funky sunglasses. Celebrate in style, but be sure everything can be worn again and again for more than a single beautiful day in February. xoxo.

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Thinking about: by Kate Brightbill


Last week I got totally emotional and had a crazy-mom moment... I'm talking tears folks. School is coming. 

Here's the most embarrassing thing to admit: I got teary thinking of Sophie going to school next fall. No, not this fall. Next. I never have thought myself to be a teary type, but hey, things change. Kids change things. Kids growing up too fast change things. Ahhh. 

I think the realization is just that once they go to school, they're literally gone five mornings a week. I won't be able to go in reverse and say "oh, let's do that time again!" Mornings are the best time for little dates at coffee shops, for walks and bus rides to parks and grocery stores, for staying in pj's until noon on Mondays... we're living the good life here.

I'm going to go ahead and appreciate the fact that getting into pre-school in San Francisco takes so much work and $$$ and about two years of advance application, so I didn't get my act together... and I'm going to soak in every moment of mornings together. 

All sentiment aside: I LOVE the back-to-school vibe... all the school supplies really are serious fun, and they've only gotten better since I was in kindergarten, obviously.  

Here's where you get the cute things above:

supply: notebook || colored pencils || desktop accessories

wear: sweater || oxfords || skirt

carry: backpack || water bottle || lunch box