SF Loving: Dolores Park / by Kate Brightbill


Dolores Park is super hyped these days, but it's legit hype. I mean, there's this brand new gorgeous playground that is PERFECT. Ages ago, my friends & I would have picnics there and occasionally watch a movie in the park, but now it's totally child-friendly too... as in: your children will ADORE you for taking them there.

Twisty tall slides, short sloooowww slides, climbing nets, swings, and everything in pristine condition because of the newness. Soph and I love to get super dizzy on the circles, and Maggie's favorite are the bouncing car things. A couple weeks ago, we grabbed burritos on a Friday night and picnicked as the sun set, and it could not have been more ideal. Actually, the wind wasn't awesome, but everything else was. There are a million good restaurants in the mission too (which I'll save for another day), so if the wind does pick up in the evenings, great options are everywhere. 


Ohhh, and there are fabulous buildings in bright colors everywhere in the neighborhood. Endless perks to hanging in the mission. Also, whenever I take pictures of Mexican food (even if it is only a salsa bar- this one from El Toro), I look at them later and want to eat more Mexican food. I mean, seriously craving chips and salsa as I type. Hopefully I'm not the only one...


Also hoping I'm not the only one who thinks that neon doors are basically awesome. :)