Not About Me / by Kate Brightbill

I had a few days this week that inside I just wanted to complain.

I had this little goal the last two weeks of using everything in our fridge and cabinets before going grocery shopping... meaning no waste and no extra dollars spent. It's a good goal, but HARD. One evening I wandered into our kitchen and opened cabinets and closed them and whined a little to myself and then left the kitchen... came back.. same thing... almost called for pizza to be delivered... finally decided to make curry chicken and didn't enjoy a bit of it. I'm being real here, so feel free to judge my bad attitude... I totally deserve it. I also was cranky about the fact that this cough and sore throat feels as though it will never, ever go away and my husband works extremely hard and has long hours...

I think to myself "poor me, I bet all moms can relate to the fact that I don't think I should have to 'play' all day and then cook every evening."

THEN... I get stopped in my tracks.

I hear that a friend is making a life or death decision about her son's leukemia. I hear from another friend a story about her daughter's autism... and still another friend about a decision they have to make about brain surgery for their daughter's seizures... And I am mortified by my own attitude about my "hardships." Perception really is everything, isn't it?

Here we are in our home with health, toys, warmth, friends, and endless blessings... and I had nothing better to do than complain? Really?

I find this sort of thing happening when I forget to concern myself with helping needs of others. When I start thinking the world revolves around us. When my own preferences take precedence over others'. This weekend we're going to do a little thing as a family to give to others with needs. We already have it planned, and it's not a big thing, but it's a little something. And a lot of little somethings make a big difference. And a mentality of caring for others before ourselves can change lives.

Here's a video of one little example of a single person changing a lot of lives... AMAZING.