That Was Fun: Lake Tahoe / by Kate Brightbill


It's a bit hard to truly describe the time we had in Tahoe. It was different from any trip we've ever taken because (most of) my extended family all stayed in one big house together. We went on VRBO and found a spot that had bedrooms, bathrooms, a pool table, a movie theater, pingpong, foosball, a hot tub, a little play structure... everything we could possibly need. A couple people were in charge of each meal to spread the work evenly. We had a 3-week baby and my grandparents- all the generations in one beautiful home. 

I think that while we were there, we were all overwhelmed by how totally blessed we are. It can be an easy thing to forget when we're all in our separate places, spread apart, and doing our own things with our own ups and downs... but when all is said and done: we're there for one another through it. I think families who go through tough times can feel closer later, and it seems to be the case with this family. When my brother went through his battle with cancer, almost all my memories have a bit of extended family in the mix- from both sides, being there to console, to do overnighters, to bring gifts and food. I think that stuff sticks, and makes family closer than ever for the long haul. I'm hoping/praying it carries through the next generations because family is seriously such a gift. 

I'm also glad I have a blog going to document stuff like this so I can't forget the best times. :) 


Ps. How fabulous is it that Sophie & her cousin Em both hit up the gap 40% off sale and got the same swimsuit? They couldn't get over the excitement.