Sophie & Maggie's Bedroom / by Katie Brightbill


So today I want to give you a little glimpse into the room that stays the tidiest in our entire home. Weird, right? The room belonging to the messiest two residents in our home is actually clean most of the time. I have this little habit of completely cleaning the room before anyone goes to sleep in there, which means it gets a good three cleans per day. It works fantastically. I should try it around the rest of the house! It's so fun to have an actual room for the girls, as opposed to a

closet room

that she had before. When we first moved to our current spot, Sophie brought guests to her bedroom closet and presented it as her room... it wasn't until all the furniture came that she realized she and Maggie would get the full sized room. :)

Anyway, here's the info: the rooms were painted this green when we moved in, and we're unmotivated to paint them again. We wouldn't have picked it, but it actually works okay. Eventually perhaps we'll paint (I love crisp white!), but eh. The dream letters are basically vintage at this point; I had them in my room as a teenager. Sophie's bed was mine when I lived with my parents. The little dot decals I won in a little giveaway from

Petit Collage

. The mini shag rug is


(eventually I want a giant one to warm the floors. I love the coziness!) and the quilt is handmade by my husband's aunt. The books on the dresser truly are vintage from my grandparents, lamp is thrift spray painted orange, Sophie made the art, the pillows are


and Urban Outfitters and the little barrette holder is also Urban.

Oh, and I took these pictures myself and I think photographing rooms is the hardest thing ever and I commend those of you who do it well... Also, the quilt used to live on Maggie's crib, but lately it's been on Sophie's bed, so it's double-photographed. And the wall color is not actually neon, it's more of a muted green that is quite difficult to translate via photos.


There you have it... welcome to the room of my little girls! Not perfect, but they love it. :)