I Love Links / by Kate Brightbill

Here are ten of my favorite finds of the week around the good ol' internet:

I cannot even describe how much I love this spread. I want to dig into the cheese- like right now- actually all the food. It's like the perfect picnic.

I'm so intrigued by the endless uses of coconut oil that I bought some. The jar had yet to be opened, but this week a friend tweeted a link to this article, and I opened it the next day and I'm sure it'll be gone in no time (also- if you have additional suggestions on how you use coconut oil, I'd love to hear)!

The 'burbs battle. It's always a bummer when my city friends move away, so this totally resonated with me. 

A simple, beautiful summer bucket list. One that isn't daunting. ;)

Oooh, they came out with a kid's version!  

My favorite find on Pinterest this week. Seriously adorable.

I think I might do this for a birthday party goodie bag sometime. I mean, if I get my act together, the possibilities are endless and the price SO right. 

This is what I'm craving right now. San Franciscans, have you tried it? Do you love it? 

You guys, my new favorite site. SERIOUSLY. I want to pin and print EVERYTHING!!

Also super cute

This quote is what convinces me that it can be good to write about things that aren't lollipops and gumdrops.  (thanks B)

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