I Love Instagram: 01 / by Kate Brightbill

I have a love/hate with most social networks, but the one that I almost always LOVE is Instagram. I love taking pictures, I love viewing pictures. Pictures are the way to my little heart. Obviously, following my friends is my favorite... I can always see what they're up to and how cute their kiddos are... BUT I also cannot get enough of the bloggers, artists, and photographers I follow on Instagram. There is no end to the talent out there, and it kind of feels like we get a glimpse into the "real life" of people whose work we so admire. 

Here are just a few Instagramers I think you should follow:


(clockwise from top left)

1. ShopSweetThings- Bits of home, events, kids, food & all beautiful.

2. ModernKids- San Francisco photographer with a modern eye for design.

3. ChloeFleury- An illustrator who creates pretty paper masterpieces. I love the cheerfulness of her feed.

4. Pomverte- Everything is in French, but the styling of her every photo is impeccable.  No one could make the word "hello" look more lovely.


(again, clockwise from top left) 

5. SilvanadiFranco- She manages to make everything that is ordinary look extraordinary. She has that photographer's eye so many want, but so few have.

6. PetitsFournier- Photos of handmade perfection, lovely shots of products in process, travel, watercolor, and Anabel's life. The knitters are lovely ladies from Bolivia, and make their living creating dolls, toys and beauty.

7. SophieandLili- My favorite sketch-artist's instagram. Her doodles in notebooks should be in frames and her watercolors are perfection. Did I mention she makes dolls? So much good stuff here. Her Instagram also includes glimpses of her adorable daughters and "real life."

8. TeaandKate- Ohhh, such beauty in little things. Bits of life and Kate's children, their travel, and everything just gorgeous. 

Happy Friday!! Enjoy your weekend!!  



Ps. Feel free to follow me on Instagram too! xx