Hello, Friday / by Kate Brightbill


1. The architecture in SF is outta control. My poor husband has got to be over the millions of pictures of buildings in our photo stream, but I.can't.stop.  One day I'll put all the shots into a book and set it on my coffee table (I love saying "one day," because it makes me think I may actually get time to do it)!

2. We found a secret garden in the city, but if I told you where, then it wouldn't be a secret. I want to visit it every time I'm in that neighborhood because it's one of the most serene spots I've found in the city (...that is, until my children and I walked in. I must revisit when I have a cup of coffee, a book, and 3 hours... so maybe in 2017?)

3. I personally think that red streetcars go best with the ferry building. The green and blue and yellow ones are nice and all, but I think red takes the cake.  

4. Chubby little toddler hands are my favorite thing. 


5. Summer is for bubbles.  

6. And flowers.

7. And lemonade stands.

8. Oh, and chalk... lots and lots of chalk.  

So it looks like we're getting into the swing of summer just about perfectly.