Happy Mother's Day! / by Kate Brightbill


So endlessly grateful to my dear mother, who taught me about kindness and joy, who is sunshine on a cloudy day, and whose scandinavian culture has created a baking genius in her. She is still the one I want to come make everything alright when I am sick, and she is still one of the first people with whom I want to share any good news. She is a listener, and a supporter, and one of the best friends I have.

There are no words for the privilege it is to be a mother. that moment my first bundle was handed to me, to hold, to teach, to love until the end of my life... I was a mother. I had another little joy handed to me again nearly three years later... I wish I was writing at those stages of life. These girls captured my heart. They're their father and they're me and they are THEM. Individuals with passion, with emotions, with differences, with perfect imperfections. To be their mother is an honor. 

Mother's Day. So grateful. So honored. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mothers and mother-figures to people in your lives. You are so very loved.