Getting to Know: Danielle Hampton / by Kate Brightbill

There are plenty of blogs out there, but not too many I want to read all.the.time. Danielle is a writer and a storyteller and I adore her blog. She is down-to-earth, genuinely sweet, and takes the time to appreciate life moments. She and her husband have one little boy named Henry and little baby is Charlie on his way!

I'm thrilled to bring an inside scoop on the writer behind Sometimes Sweet today. 

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What do you enjoy most about being a mother?

I enjoy the everyday, little things. Sitting and reading with my son, preparing a good meal for us for lunch, taking walks and talking about what we see. I also love waking up every morning and knowing that we can do with it whatever we choose- go where we want, have an adventure if we see fit! 

What is your favorite characteristic of Henry in his current stage of life?

Oh goodness, this is so hard to pick but I would have to say all of the funny phrases he says on the daily. Toddlers are so literal, and he has me laughing until I cry at least once a day. 


When do you feel most content and at peace with your life?

I'd have to say in those quiet moments when Henry is winding down for the night, sitting on his Dad's lap reading a book. Sometimes I look over at them and think, is this really all mine? It's the best feeling in the world.

What is the best time of the week for you?

Weekends for sure. My husband Hank works during the week so we cherish those two days.


What's an ideal date night for you?

Dinner and a stroll at dusk. We live in a small town with a gorgeous downtown area that's perfect for a walk as the sun is going down.

What motivated you to start your blog? What was your life stage at the time?

I've always been a writer, and first had a Livejournal in the late 90s. I made the switch to Blogger about 5 years ago right after getting married, simply because I wanted a new space for this new life. It's amazing how much it's evolved in that time.


How has your blog changed over the years?

The biggest thing is that it's gone from having a couple readers to a whole lot more, and with that change comes a lot of other shifts too. Even though I blog a lot and share a lot, I never overshare, and I learned what my own boundaries were the longer I did it, and the more my audience grew. I think I used to put a lot more of myself out there, but it's just not realistic (at least for me) once you have a large readership, and more so, a little one!

What are favorite and least favorite aspects of being a blogger?

My favorite: the connections and friendships I've made. Least favorite: some of the negativity that comes along with it- people assuming that your blog is the whole story, when in actuality it's just a collection of little pieces.


How do you balance your blogging schedule?

I only blog when Henry is napping, and then I answer emails at night. I also utilize the "scheduled post" feature in blogger a lot, and if I have a free evening while Hank is at band practice, I will sometimes write a few posts and get them scheduled far in advance. Life and family come first. My blog isn't my job, it's just something fun and extra so it isn't something that ever comes before my home life.

What are some favorite opportunities and collaborations that have come through blogging?

The most wonderful thing is what I mentioned above, the connections and friendships I've made, but as far as collaborations I think my most favorite so far has been working with Method. They're such a wonderful company. I spent all of 2012 on a campaign with them and it was a great time.


What is the best thing about pregnancy?

Favorite would have to be just how AMAZING it is to be growing a human inside my body! Like, can we all just take a second and think about that?! So, so neat. 

What are your top products and tips for new mothers?

The best thing we bought was the Snuza, which is a little device that clips onto your baby's diaper and monitors their breathing while they're sleeping. SUCH peace of mind. I recommend it to every new Mom I meet. As far as tips...just follow your instinct and gut. You know what's best for your baby.

Tell us about your style uniform?

Well, I'm almost 8 months pregnant so right now it's maxi dresses and flip flops! ;) 


What are your go-to brands and shops?

For me I love Anthro, J. Crew, Zara, Target, and ASOS. For the little guys I am a total Zara addict, as well as H&M Kids. 

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop?

Little Hip Squeaks for baby stuff, and then a million more for a million other random things. I honestly couldn't pick if I tried!

Dani, you are amazing!! Thank you for sharing with us!! xoxo


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