SF Love: Pacific Heights / by Kate Brightbill


We're so into exploring the city and eating good food... we were walking around Fillmore in Pacific Heights yesterday, and basically I want to try every.single.restaurant. The massive selection of good food with pretty design in San Francisco makes "eating in" the hardest thing ever. Who wouldn't want to just put their homemade sandwiches away when they're passing places like Bun Mee and tacobar? (and that yellow chair on a 70 degree day is just far too tempting.. so are the sweets from Sift).


My personal favorite spot in Pacific Heights is Woodhouse Fish Co. Fisherman's wharf can take their pricey fancy seafood, and I'll take Woodhouse Fish any day. Their crab and lobster rolls are stuffed full of meat and so, so good. Oysters for $1 on Tuesdays... There's also a location on Market St.

So there you have a tiny glimpse of Pacific Heights... and when I say tiny, I mean tiny. It also has the incredible views and some fantastic parks, but there's plenty of time for highlighting those another day. When I miss two days on here, it feels like I have a million things to say and so little time to say it all. Wait, what's this about missing two days of stylesmaller in a row? Yes, it happened... but I wouldn't say 2013 resolutions aren't panning out. ;) This week just happened. It was a tough week for our beautiful, fair country, and a bit chaotic in our own home. Somehow these terrible teeth are coming are causing some serious temperament issues in my otherwise perfect little Maggie. It also caused one night of never actually entering my personal REM cycle... I mean, at 4am she finally nodded off... yes, you read that correctly. From a spoiled mother whose children both slept through the night by two months old, walking around dazed doesn't bode well for the lovely people in my path. I took an old-fashioned college-type nap yesterday to remedy things, ate a popsicle, and I felt like a new person. 

Anyway, more life and LINKS later today or tomorrow. xoxoxo and HAPPY WEEKEND!!