Red Saltwaters / by Katie Brightbill


I'm a firm believer that I should get fewer pairs of shoes for my girls and just keep the the style neutral and  high quality. It took awhile to get to this point. When Sophie was a baby I wanted tons of shoes for her- different options for every different look. Makes sense right? She had tons of shoes and she wore one good pair of 

pedipeds in about 95% of pictures from about six months to 15 months or so (she stayed a size 3 forever, conveniently enough!). It was then I realized the value of good quality shoes. I spend more, but end up spending less. Oh, and storing less. Win win. The Salt-Water sandals are SUCH a good buy. Not only do they not get ruined when they're in water, they actually mold more to your kids' feet! Love. 

Also, neutral means different things to different people. For me red is neutral. It cheers basic colors, and blends well with most brights. I never think that colors need to be the exact same to truly match. It's more about the style matching and the colors not clashing... and to be honest, if they were brown or black and truly neutral, my child would never want to wear them. :) Dress: h&m Sweater: Crewcuts Sandals: Salt-Water Sandals