"Emergency" / by Kate Brightbill

So...  do you guys ever freak out suddenly about- well- nothing? 

Last night, Sophie woke and was holding her tummy and yelling that it hurt... and I insisted that she go to the ER. I was pretty sure it was appendicitis. I mean, I didn't even google which side is problematic or anything (spoiler: NOT the side she was holding). She has had tummy aches a million times before and I've never freaked out about them. I think people actually think I'm a little TOO chill when she has any issues or falls or anything.  

Last night though... I got it in my mind that it had to be appendicitis. My loving husband insisted on being the one to take her, and I sat at home thinking about how terrible it was going to be that she'd probably be having surgery or something and we probably wouldn't sleep all night because we'd be at the hospital... SERIOUSLY, you guys. I was a mess for no reason, whatsoever. At the time I blamed mother's intuition... today I know it was actually just my own personal crazy, letting my imagination run free.  

And really, this so-called "mother's intuition" that other moms totally swear by is totally faulty for me. I have none! How am I the mother with no intuition? When I was pregnant with both girls, I thought they were boys. Last night, I didn't even think we had enough time to call my doctor cousin for tips before taking her to the ER. This was an emergency, folks...

My husband returned home at 1am with a sleepy, happy little girl, stickers-in-hand, raving about the doctor's adventure in the middle of the night. He was sweet enough to tell me that the doctor didn't call him cray before sending them home.

Next time we'll try prune juice.