Eggs! / by Katie Brightbill


I basically love egg-dying. I love watching my kids be creative and I love making my own. This year was fun because Sophie was at an age where she was just thrilled to be making eggs and made each as creatively as possible. We used wax to draw polka dots, tape to make lines, and pencils to draw pictures. Maggie pouring liquid over the eggs in the bowl with a spoon and she actually was pretty impressive and didn't crush any of them! My sister held her on her lap the whole time (at great risk of being drenched in coloring), and that may have been the best possible scenario for the process.  


Here's my little dynamic dying duo. I'm bummed I left all the eggs at my mom's so I can't take pictures of their artistic genius. I only remembered to take pics of mine, like any good mama. Just trust me, theirs are way more brilliant and beautiful than mine. ;)

Happy Good Friday to you!!