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Sooo I was going to save the rest of the pics from Pacific Heights and decided against it. May as well keep 'em all together. SO, to continue from yesterday... after you eat something amazing on Fillmore St, if your kids are anything like mine- they'll be ready to run around like craaazzy. Good. Perfect excuse for a short walk to Alta Plaza Park. Feel free to wear your cute shoes around PacHeights because this park is nearly sand-free, and one of the cleanest parks around the city. You can swing your child and look at their lovely face with gorgeous mansions in the background... 


OR, you can push your kiddo on the swing and face this view. It's a win-win here, folks.

Another tip for you: even if it's a sunny day, bring extra warmth. As soon as that sun starts going down- it's San Francisco, and it's at the top of a hill- you're going to be chilly. Poor M wasn't dressed warmly enough but she wasn't about to stop playing to be cuddled in a warm blanket, so she just happily shivered through it.


They weren't about to look up for pictures, of course.

When you're finished at the park, try get a neighborhood walk through PacHeights before heading home!! It's seriously the cherry on top of a sweet day. If you time it right, you can watch the sunset go down over the bay and it's insanely gorgeous.


I took 200 pictures through this little adventure, so believe me- I'm using restraint by only posting about 50 for ya. ;)

Okay!! Link time!

Link Love:

Have you guys heard of Soldsie? If you have a small business, it creates a simple process of selling your products directly through Facebook. I don't sell anything, but I'm a big fan of promoting resources that help to build small businesses (and you can always BUY through facebook too... check it out!)! 

I have some weddings to attend in May (whaaat? already?) and I'm LOVING the Gatsby-inspired look HERE

My iPhone case broke (again!!), and now I'm eyeing this one, this one, and (my favorite) this one... sooo much cuteness here.

I've been a "Saltwater Sandals or bust" superfan forever, but these are seriously contending right now. They are crazy cute for summer sunshine.

Now let me be honest: I don't see myself making my own sidewalk chalk... BUT I love how beautiful it looks here (such pretty pictures!) and that if I do want to learn, there's a nice little tutorial for reference.

This goes with nothing in my home at all, but I kind of wish it did because it's so darn cute and the price is really good...

This makes me want to start sending more cards in the mail. I mean, what if I opened my mailbox and received that rather than bills and catalogs? Inevitable smiles.

Also inviting inevitable smiles would be cords that are beautiful like these. I've spring cleaned most of my home, but my office corner of the house is in dire need of about 8 hours straight tlc. If that actually happens, THEN I'll think about beautifying cords. 

Ahhh, I love the chill vibe of the weekend. Hope you're enjoying yours just as much!