Raising Girls by Kate Brightbill

Hi! Long time since I've written, even though I have had so much to say! It seems that parenting three children leaves little extra time on the day to day to circle around to the computer for a typing session! 

I've come out of blog retirement today, and I hope to stay online here. Blogs aren't really read these days the way they once were, and that is perfectly fine. It's the circle of life... something takes its place (social media) and takes less time and less clicking and truly is sufficient for most online experience. I personally take the time to read sites only once per week- actually more like monthly, so I get it.

I've come to the blog to share these videos and articles, which I really just want on more than just my instagram. Our Sophie girl was asked to join a panel of 7-10 year old girls on this tiny show called Good Morning America (!!!) to talk about what it means to be a girl today. We said ummm YES, and saved that date! 

We arrived and the girls sat immediately. They were set up in a row of chairs under glares of lights and cameras and people bustling around signing papers and connecting sound systems. There wasn't a warm up or someone sprucing them up- they simple came as themselves and answered questions as they were asked. As soon as papers were set, they started rolling cameras.

The group of girls blew their parents away with their ability to focus and answer far more eloquently than I would have at that age. They spoke about standing up for friends who aren't being kind, they talked about how they do not feel stereotyped or put into a box of lower expectation, even if they do like girly things, and they chatted about role models. They were poised and attentive and all that we could hope for them to be.

Some thoughts on the subject: my girls ARE stereotypical girls- they love their dolls and their shades of pinks and purples and twirling... but we want them to understand that they are just as capable as boys to do great things. They can be inventors or CEOs or musicians or stay-at-home-moms. God created us with different passions and talents, and we believe they can pursue them. We teach them that girls don't HAVE to like princesses, but princesses are often not only wear beautiful dresses, but teach lessons on being brave and strong and courageous too ("have courage and be kind," are words repeated around here often, and are a lesson from Cinderella).

So many of these and more concepts were addressed during the 45 minutes the girls spent on camera, but obviously this was a short segment from that time, so not everything could be shared. 

ANYWAY, this motherly pride has to land somewhere, and this blog has been sitting and waiting for something to appear on it... so here is our girl on Good Morning America!


Squash and Bay Clubs by Kate Brightbill


School starts on Monday, but we are savoring our last few days and remembering our summer fun!! One of Sophie's favorite weeks of the summer was her SQUASH CAMP at the ever-so beautiful SF Bay Club. She started the week barely able to throw her "magic ball" against the wall properly, and only hitting the return once, and by the end of the week, she could actually play a match with her squash coach Charlie! Since camp, she has been tossing a ping pong ball against our walls and use a ping pong paddle to return it -- not effective, but it's a valiant effort to keep the skills she acquired! (she tries to find walls without pictures, but since I've finally finished my gallery walls, it's a little trickier, haha!) We need to get this girl some real squash supplies. ;)

I actually took VIDEO during squash camp! I'm such a picture person that I hardly ever switch the lever to take video, but when your firstborn is in her first sports camp, you want the in-action video proof of the improvements she made! I'm so used to seeing princess Sophie, and fashion Sophie, and creative Sophie, but now we have Sporty Sophie too. I love sporty Sophie! 

SO. Here you have it... our video chronicling Bay Club squash camp! Enjoy!!

ALSO! They have academic year classes for those of you who want to start getting your kids involved in sports regularly! HIGHLY recommend!

Coach Charlie!! 

Coach Charlie!! 

* Post 2 of 2 in collaboration with Bay Clubs. We received complimentary camp and services from the Bay Club in exchange for writing about our experience. Post is NOT sponsored. ALL opinions are my own. The Bay Club is amazing, and I am recommending it to friends in real life as well as to you!

Don't Forget to Order... by Kate Brightbill

Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.07.05 AM.png
Minted Cards

Don't forget to order your Christmas cards from Minted!! If you can get your orders in today, you can have them to your house by the 19th. Seriously.

Do you feel like you need more time? They can overnight your orders! Order New Year's cards! So many options, and almost all of them have the option of reading "Merry Christmas," "Happy Holidays," and "Happy New Year," so you can work with the cards to personalize.

Here's what I do every year: I say, "oh Minted is offering to address my envelopes for me, including return address for just a couple extra dollars? Eh, it's okay, I'll do it myself because it's more personal."

Yesterday I was paying for that decision. Remember when I said I'd have my Christmas cards out December 1st? Nope. I used my poor, out-of-shape hand to write each individual card. I teased Sophie while I was doing it, saying "Sophie next year you get to do all of these!" and she laughed and said "no way mommy. That's too many letters!" I've been driving us all a bit nuts around here trying to get these out the door. Anyway, most of them are in the mailbox now, and I think most are legible enough to get where they need to go, and a little hand cramping never hurt anyone. Also, I'm not addressing them in the airport, which is an improvement from one year that I actually thought that was a brilliant idea. 

All this to say: Get your cards from Minted asap, then do yourself a favor and enter your friends' addresses in the system because that's wayyy easier. Also, watch my video that I made about Minted cards and see my kids' favs...  

Happy Friday! 

Minted provided cards for review. All opinions are mine.

So Good: Minted by Kate Brightbill

I love Christmas cards. I love giving them! I love receiving them! I haven't sent any in a few years because I've been slacking, but (maybe this isn't something you admit!) I still have the one we made in 2009 up on my fridge. I keep it there for two reasons: 1. I can remind myself to do them again, and 2. The memories from the day we took the pictures are such good ones, and I love to be reminded of REALLY good days... don't we all? 

I ordered my Christmas cards for this year yesterday. Now that I'm in my 30's, no more procrastinating! I'm not sharing mine on here yet, because all my friends won't open their envelopes from us with any apprehension at all. I will, however, make a little recommendation for you: use Minted

Minted is a San Francisco company (cha ching! points for them right there! ;), they have gorgeous choices, and every one I've seen is amazing quality. Their turnaround time is 10 days for me, which I personally think is fantastic. It means that I'll get mine November 15th, so I'll have a full month to get them addressed and in the mailbox to get there in time. I'm kidding! I'm totally having them out December 1st. That does remind me though: Minted can address them all for you if you're on the slacking train like me. 

There you have it. You think that's all? Nope. I got hooked on iMovie today!! What does this mean?

It means that Sophie, Maggie and I made our own commercial all about how much we love Minted's holiday cards! It's the funniest thing: my children will smile for pictures for anyone except me, BUT they'll make videos with me The catch is that they want to watch them back- haha. 

Enjoy! xoxo! 



I was not compensated for this post. Minted provided Christmas cards that I am 100% thrilled to mail to dear friends & family this year. All opinions are my own.


Monday Morning Apple Pie by Kate Brightbill

Good morning!! Weekend is over, and we're starting this week fresh with a little video, brought to you by Sophie. I love when she gets in this mode of "here's how you do it," and she tries to use her professional tone to teach.

She was SUPER excited to host her own video to "tell all the people how to make an apple pie." 

This is the pie we kept. We gave two away, and shared two with our dear friends, who saw this video and hopefully didn't mind that their piece was likely touched, patted, and sampled lovingly by our four-year-old. 

Happy Monday! I have a good feeling about this week. It's starting to feel like fall!!!  



Ps. For the recipe, see THIS post. Ours looks a little different, but they taste the same... and that is, amazing.