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Photo via  Dutch Living

Photo via Dutch Living

The little boats above are just way too cute.

This makes me thing a job at Buzzfeed sounds fantastic. I love when people are funny.

I'm the type that tends more toward the "you're okay" parenting that she writes about, and I have a certain similar complex about it {Disclaimer- my kids running down SF hills are the exception... I'm always hands-on about that one. I have seen too many cement faceplants to let them try anymore}.

Hmm... this is pretty interesting...  My view on the deal is actually just that we're responsible for ourselves, so if we're checking social media when it makes us feel unpleasant and negative, well... let's stop checking, right? Gave me some food for thought though, I'll give it that.

I love good fish recipes. This looks amazing AND simple. 

Fabulous ways to use a shoebox.

A lovely living area. I love admiring home design.

Gorgeous, yet simple salad

This outfit has me thinking that fall looks pretty fine. 

Adorable dress for girls.

Finally, hey! Follow along with me on Pinterest and Instagram! (I'm there more than I'm here. ;)

Happy Weekend. 

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This is a weekend to-do for Cinco de Mayo! So pretty. 

New place to find beautiful, handmade baby gifts... use code my code STYLE15 for 15% off purchases!

My Maggie for Old Navy. YAY!! {she's on the site a few times! so fun!}

Ayyy, own an island, or own a home in San Francisco? This kind of made me want to laugh AND cry. ;)

Summer wish-listing this. So cute!

Cheerful tech background

Yum. I love light citric meals in the summer.

SUCH a simple and free DIY. Great way to reuse those freebie magnets and let your kiddos have fun.

Waffles & ice cream! Yes.

Dreamy living room, photographed beautifully.

Last link! Here's a beautiful way to celebrate Mother's day: literally just sign up for an account at and they will donate $10 to safer births. {Ps. Slidelane is Yelp-style reviews for kid-friendly businesses}. You can also #HonorYourMom and dedicate a page to her by making a donation directly. 

Loving & Linking by Kate Brightbill


The most entertaining post of the week, in my opinion.

Bravo. I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Possibly my favorite egg idea of all.

Amazing DIY.

I wish they didn't generalize Americans and clump us all in one unhealthy bunch, but that being said, these are good suggestions for creating healthier eating habits with kids. We strive to follow most of these concepts in our home too.

We love cheese. Want everything in this post.

I pinned this smoothie because I tasted it when they made it in real life. Legitimately delicious.

I recently received a BEAUTIFUL scarf from Yana Kapeli, and it is soft perfection. 

Pretty place to visit next time I'm in NYC.

Beautiful, airy room.

Sprout- one of the best kids' stores in the city- opened a new location in Mill Valley for all of you north bay residents... they're also hosting an event at their city store on April 23 with Arlene Blum and door prizes, so be sure to sign up for that asap!

Happy, happy weekend!

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Image Via  Love and Lemons

Image Via Love and Lemons

YUM. Seriously. I'm going to try this burger.

Big deal or little problem? Great thoughts on the subject here.

Cutest silly face stamps. Endless fun.

Color theory for little ones! So simple but educational value & pretty paintings come with the deal.

Love this "beauty uniform."

I made this kale salad, without the currants/raisins, without measuring anything {as usual!}, and it was DELICIOUS. I have more kale in the house and I'm definitely making it again this weekend. {honestly, I loaded it with the "dressing" to make sure it wasn't too kale-y/bitter and let it sit for about 15 minutes before eating it, and I think that's the trick}

And that's that! Links for your weekend! Hope it's a great one!



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These are the cutest animals-- created with paint chips! 

Now I want to throw a party with mini everything... particularly those tacos and lobster rolls! Mmmm.

She is beautiful inside and out, and her words are also beautiful

Energy-infusing breakfast options. I will be trying every one of these- so simple + so healthy. 

We REALLY need to know this: best time to book your plane flights.

She's soooo entertaining: Jennifer Lawrence's best moments at the Oscars.

Do you wash your clothes before wearing them or no? So curious after reading that. I never have, but may start now! ;)

I love this simple way to dress up a cake

Happy Weekend! xo

Loving & Linking by Kate Brightbill

Photo via  Creature Comforts

Loving this cake topper!! It would make any little birthday kid smile. 

A kickstarter for gratitude... such a beautiful concept.

LOVING this wall color, especially with that crisp white... brainstorming how I can make it happen in our rental without actually painting the walls. ;)

Speaking of home-loving, this fresh home tour was a good one for me. I particularly like that rug in their living room, which is what I've been searching for under our dining table. 

The sweetest little spring dress. May need to be Maggie's Easter dress. :)

Nothing like a good classic tee.

These are fun cards... party or not, it would be a good little project for Sophie & me {I'm always on the lookout for pre-school projects to do with S while M sleeps}.

Well now I want to make another trip to Amsterdam! This time for longer than a day. ;)

Do you watch the Oscars? If so, be sure to print some ballots before you do.

French beignets that look divine. Baking isn't my strong suit, but I may need to make exception.

Definitely making this in a couple weeks when I'm back on the Pilates wagon {ack! pilates-seriously? yes, seriously} and eating healthier.

Annnd last few hours to vote for StyleSmaller on Apartment Therapy! Voting ends at midnight...