Places We Love: Tutu School < & Tutu Du Monde giveaway> by Kate Brightbill


Ahh, Tutu School, how I love you.

When Sophie was 2, she wanted to be a ballerina. We enrolled her in a local (unnamed) ballet school and did NOT enjoy it. She had sparkle tights, and the school required proper pink tights and black leotards only-- for TWO-YEAR-OLDS. It was strict and classes were cancelled on whims, and our experience was entirely unpleasant... We needed to switch things up asap. I called around and talked to THE sweetest lady over at Tutu School and was basically sold over the phone by what a stark contrast she was to what I currently had.. but still, I wanted to see for myself if it was that good.

StyleSmaller + Tutu School

A totally free, no-strings-attached trial class is offered to any child who wants to get their ballet feet wet at Tutu School. Sophie attended her trial class in sparkly tights and pink slippers, and felt like a princess ballerina from the start. Tutu School gives girls their freedom to express their love for twirling, sparkle, fancy, AND get their start in true ballet fundamentals during their classes. Until children are three, the classes are "mommy (or caregiver) & me," meaning I was also pointing my toes and learning to tendu and pique with my girls (I was sore after more classes than one, ha!). It really IS that good.


Maggie obviously followed closely behind-- as soon as she was old enough to join, she wanted to get in on dancing her little heart out weekly.


Five years later, and both girls are still enrolled in Tutu School. It is THE BEST. They love it with all their heart, and it is their first choice of extracurricular every year. The format adjusts as the little dancers get older. Toddlers have far more free dancing and story time, and prep girls have more time at the bar learning proper balance, technique, and form. 


Tutu School also offers camps and PARTIES. I recently attended a party (actually was honored to co-host!), and they truly make everything they touch special at these parties. The children are engaged with crafting, twirling, and enjoying their refreshments, and the adults can mingle and enjoy themselves and watching their children's eyes shine. 

Tutu School
Tutu School

Side note-- check out those gorgeous plates and cups created by my friends from Harlow and Grey! So pretty!


I cannot keep talking about Tutu School without introducing you to the story behind the operation. Tutu School started on Bay Street in 2008 by my friend Genevieve. She is an amazing woman-- a mother of three boys (including twins!!), a former dancer and a teacher. She recognized that little dancers ages 8 and younger have beautiful imaginations and an appreciation for magical moments, but rarely are ballet classes offered that truly embrace the dreamy ballet experience.

She opened the doors to her San Francisco and Larkspur locations, and two schools have seen countless children come through their programs, wearing tutus of all colors, rainbow tights to sparkly black tights, fancy accessories, and tiaras on a Tuesday morning. It's all allowed and even encouraged.

Genevieve has had so much positive feedback and interest in her school that she was motivated to create a franchising opportunity for Tutu School. Obviously the franchising concept was hugely popular from its start-- it's a business which has appealed especially to mothers who love the idea of taking ownership of a beautiful program, but who don't necessarily want to start at square one. The franchises have taken off, and there are now 14 Tutu School locations! What started as a simple dream of owning a small business is truly blooming into a cross-country operation.

I'm so inspired by Genevieve- who also happens to basically be the same age as me. She put her dreams into action and has created something so beautiful... for herself, for little dancers and their families, and now for other entrepreneurs. 

Genevieve would like to offer the most amazing giveaway today to my readers (I've never wished to be a winner in my own giveaway quite so much, haha!): a Tutu Du Monde dress for a little ballerina, size 4-5, with a crown and a wand.

The tutu is incredible- what dreams are made of. Every inch of the it has unparalleled detailing and beauty. My girls literally gasped when I showed them what it is that one of you can win. This image doesn't even do it justice:



Here's how to win-- each is an entry, but the only thing absolutely necessary to enter is that you leave a comment below letting me know how many ways you have entered:

  1. Follow Tutu School on Instagram
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  3. Like Tutu School on Facebook
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  5. Pin an image above and tag @tutuschool
  6. Leave a comment below or on IG letting me know how many times you entered and your social media handle(s)! (essential for me to know how many entries I owe you. :)

Giveaway runs from now until Monday, June 20. Winner must be 18 years of age or older and will be chosen at random. I will notify the winner HERE on Tuesday, 6/21 (or by email if you prefer to leave your email in the comments), so be sure to check back!! xoxoxo 


Tutu School Resources:

  • If you're interested in enrolling in classes, check out the locations HERE (top right)
  • If you'd like to enroll in summer camps, check out the schedules HERE
  • If you're interested in a Tutu Birthday Party, find the info HERE
  • If you'd like more info on franchising, please connect with Genevieve HERE

* Classes were offered in exchange for an honest post about the program. I said yes in a heartbeat and all opinions and words are my own. I am so in love with Tutu School and all it offers. xoxo

Wearing & Giving: Tea Collection by Kate Brightbill


My kids wear Tea Collection clothing more than anything, and it's time I tell you why we love it so much (and offer some Tea for you to win!).

The brand is San Francisco-based (big points right there ;). Tea pulls its inspiration from new destinations every year, and creates clothing for children inspired by travels. The summer line is inspired by Italy's Almafi coast... the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, florals and fruit, ceramic tiles, and bright striped umbrellas. Here's the kicker: their inspiration is created by Tea staff actually traveling to the destinations, and experiencing the culture first-hand.

Tea catalogs read like magazine editorials, with real families wearing new Tea pieces in the cities that inspired the line. The catalogs are beautiful, and the projects are clearly created with heart and passion behind them. They tell stories of introducing their own children to family they have never met who are living across the world, and enjoying family meals together and experiencing life in homes and communities of grandparents and aunts and uncles. This heart behind the brand, and their investment into appreciating cultures across the globe is what truly sets Tea apart from the others. They also give back with their buy one give one program.

Now, all of this is great, but a key question: how cute are the actual clothes? Do I actually even want to buy them? You can put all your heart into projects and have terrible products, BUT!! Good news here! That is NOT the case. 

The clothes deliver. They are gorgeous. Every season, there are beautiful and wearable play clothes lines in prints of all colors. I also noticed that every season, Tea also manages to create "that dress." The dress which will inevitably become a "most worn" piece in my daughters' closets. It's a piece that can be worn over and over but is somehow more loved and better than the rest. Example below: Maggie's every-day wardrobe of 2015. Seriously, she attempted to wear her white dress with flowers at some point every single day last year. She outgrew it and I nearly cried when we gave it away. Thankfully, our friend Jennifer at Sophie and Lili actually created a doll AND portrait {amazing, right!?} that Maggie can keep forever of her wearing this Tea dress!!! It's that special.

That was last year.

I'm happy to tell you, there are plenty of amazing options again this year. Here are my absolute favorite summer dresses for 2016:


One . TwoThree . FourFiveSix . SevenEight . Nine

The fun isn't all for the girls, either. Jack's wardrobe is nearly all Tea tees and Tea pajamas right now! Everything holds up beautifully to his impressively fast army crawls across our floors, and washes beautifully in spite of his messy eating habits! 


SO. Good news: I'm giving away an outfit set from Tea Collection to two different winners! You can take a look at the outfit sets: Girls // Boys // Baby Girls // Baby Boys (my favorite is this one) and enter!!

This giveaway will last until Friday 5/13/16, and you can enter three ways:

  1. Leave a comment here telling me which set you would choose. 
  2. Follow Tea Collection and StyleSmaller on Instagram. 
  3. Tag up to two friends on the Instagram post for two additional entries.

If you're not into giveaways, but you ARE into shopping with discounts, Tea is so kindly offering my readers 15% off of your shopping with code STYLESMALLER15, valid until 6/1/2016. (*Code is not valid with other promotions, or on third party merchandise). 

Good luck and happy shopping! xx


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How We Wear: Mini Boden {$250 Giveaway!} by Kate Brightbill

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden #bodenbacktoschool

Ahhh! Back to school! OR, in our case... to school for the first time ever! Kindergarten begins today, and I feel that perhaps I've cried all my tears in anticipation and I will be a brave grown-up who can handle the transition with grace. 

If I'm a weepy mess, at least the girls will look put-together! ;) Let me tell you why:

Mini Boden has been a favorite brand of mine since I first saw their clothes a few years back. Their patterns are bright and beautiful. They have stylish and age-appropriate comfortable clothes and they sent a box of goodies for my sweet girls to try for themselves. The Boden box came in the mail and ahhhh! We were THRILLED! Squealing children is the best music. Let me tell you about the fun details... 

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden #bodenbacktoschool
StyleSmaller + Mini Boden #bodenbacktoschool
StyleSmaller + Mini Boden #bodenbacktoschool

Those coral boots? Not just coral boots. They're filled with the softest fluff a foot could imagine. Sophie and I couldn't believe how cozy they are! Maggie's gold "princess" shoes? She has only taken them off when we've forced her to. Floral leggings are perfect- and have a fun little different vibe that we love. Cable knit footless tight sets are cozy and go with everything. The sweaters are soft and thick {and lovely deep colors!}, and they have clearly paid attention to details on each piece. 

I could go on and on, but let me stop and tell you the fun part! There is a Mini Boden GIVEAWAY below!! It's for $250, so you can just go ahead and enter and win the cutest and most well-made wardrobe for the fall. See the details below! 

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden #bodenbacktoschool

SO excited to be hosting this Boden giveaway with 9 other amazing blogs! PLEASE drop by their sites to see how they style their Mini Boden Back to School outfits... You'll be able to see over 25 different ways to style the adorable clothes Boden has this season-- Personally, I love getting fun ideas for outfits from other kids all across the country, so I will be perusing ALL the sites for more inspiration. If you'd like to make an order for some cute pieces for your kids, be sure to order with 15% off using the coupon CHRP! 

Products and giveaway were gifts for back to school... All opinions are our own and we are loving the pieces and are SO grateful. 

Giveaway: $150 to Minted! by Kate Brightbill


The other day, we were at dinner and I took a picture of Maggie's adorable toddler hands clutching lemonade with hot pink nails. In my mind, all at once it made sense. I've been wanting to repaint the girls' room and change it a bit for awhile. NOW, I actually have a plan... bright pink + yellow! I built inspiration around those colors {and added plenty of other color}, using pieces from Minted's art collection to complete the look {I'd been eyeing this yellow striped chair print FOREVER}.

My favorite place to search art prints is Minted. They have sooo many options for the whole house, and two of the ones inspiring my girls' room are directly from there. They're fresh and modern, and have something for everyone. I know for a fact that if I go on their site, they'll have a print I'll love. We picked up a piece for my room too {When I get it framed and have my room set to go, I'll post pictures!}. We love Minted so much that I'm doing a giveaway for YOU to enjoy their goods too! 

I'm not sure if you're a person who loves or hates giveaways, but I love them if they're for a brand like Minted! Here's how to win: use this link and ENTER HERE!

GIVEAWAY: Hiip + StyleSmaller by Kate Brightbill

*Giveaway is closed. Thanks to all who entered!! Congratulations to Di! She has been notified by email. xoxo

Mother's day is less than a week away, so it only seems fitting that a blog emphasizing parenting and kiddos and life should host a little Mother's Day Giveaway. 

We love hiip for their hands-free bags that are seriously perfect for park visits, or quick shopping trips with little ones around the city. No other bag makes it quite so easy to navigate and tote the essentials at the same time. Hiip just launched a mama-and-me line. What does that mean, really? Lined bags that stand up to a lifestyle with unexpected variables, in my size and her size!

I'm thrilled with these pictures that Caroline took of my girls and me with our hiips around the city. You know that whole "mom stays in the picture" campaign? It's a good thought, but SO hard to make happen regularly. I find 8000 pictures of my children and a few of me, but rarely do I find any with the three of us together. These are treasures, I tell you. Thanks Nicole & Caroline. 

So what does this have to do with you? WELL, why don't you do yourself a favor and win a set of the soon-to-be released mom/mini line? I'm adding a $25 gift code to my shop in the mix so you and your littles can fill your hiip bags with some goodies from me too! 

Follow on hiip social media and StyleSmaller social media, then leave a comment here letting us know how & how many times you entered. Plenty of ways to win!! Here are your links to FOLLOW... so simple for you:

Hiip: instagram . facebook . pinterest . twitter

StyleSmaller: instagram . facebook . pinterest . twitter . shop instagram

Couer de La Photography:  webinstagram . facebook

StyleSmaller + Hiip
StyleSmaller + Hiip

U.S. Residents only. Giveaway ends Friday, May 9, 2014 and winner will be contacted HERE. Please check back to see if you're the winner! xo

Monday Giveaway by Kate Brightbill

Technically today's giveaway is one to "beat the winter blues," but seeing as San Francisco is avoiding wintery temps entirely this year, I'll just say it's a package of beautiful products to make anyone smile- wherever you live! 

My contribution to the giveaway is the scarf that my girls alternate wearing almost every day. Just because San Francisco doesn't have the legit winter we're used to getting doesn't mean the beautiful fog doesn't roll in and out daily. We wear scarves year-round and this one is the prettiest I've seen for kids. I also threw in some bracelets because accessories are always a good idea. ;)

My friends from The Chirping Moms are the coordinators of this lovely giveaway. Here's the lowdown of who provided what pretty piece... all are great bloggers, so if you're in the market to read more blogs and good things around the Internet, be sure to visit these:

Julie from The Chirping Moms: provided the pajama and to-go mug from PJ Savage. Cozies and daytime tea have been the norm for them this snowy winter, so she wants to share the coziness with our winner. ;) Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Lisa from Mom a La Mode: is giving the Play Doh Sweet Shoppe to pretend play, a Weelicious cookbook {something I've been wanting!!}, Stonyfield Yogurt, and Funny Face cranberries for some "feel good food" to bake for real during the days inside. Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Ashley from I Love You More than Carrotsis providing a Starbucks gift card {well that would be easy to use!}, and her favorite everyday makeup The Naked Palette 3, both pick-me-ups for her day-to-day. Follow on: Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Courtney from The Chirping Moms: provided the custom wooden growth chart from Carone Creations. It looks gorgeous and it's the perfect way to track your children's growth! Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

Rebecca from A Beautiful Ruckus: Burts Bees Tips & Toes set and a custom initial necklace by Victoriaglen and perfect ways to beautify and spruce up a long day. Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram

...And I provided the scarf & bracelets from Peppercorn kids! {ps. that's Maggie wearing the scarf on the Peppercorn Kids site. Fun right?} Follow on Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter | Instagram.

Enter below on the simple Rafflecopter! xoxo.