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Memory Lane & Estella NYC by Kate Brightbill

My first baby will be turning six next week. She excitedly whispered with her cousin the other day about how it will feel to be six... so much promise in a new number, a new year. She has been talking about what she will do when she is six, how she will be able to read this book, or reach that dress from her hanger "when I'm six." She is probably right. She is growing like a weed, and practicing her reading whenever she gets a chance. She is going to conquer fears, dream big, and attain goals in her next year. She makes me so proud. She is beautiful inside, and she is kind.

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For the Mothers by Kate Brightbill

Mother's day is coming and I've collected a few favorite pieces for the moms you love. Personally, I just want a good brunch in bed and a cozy afternoon nap, but anything on this list would make me happy.

Mother's Day | StyleSmaller
  • BloomThat Bouquet  - BloomThat flowers for San Franciscans are SUCH a gorgeous option at a reasonable price point that provide beauty for days.
  • Anglestack Necklace - I'm a sucker for a long gold necklace with an interesting pendant.
  • Eden Scarf - The Eden scarf provides a fair work place for underprivileged women in Africa {!!!}.
  • Instax Camera - A fun camera is perfect for snapping shots of little cuties in your life.
  • Textured Bangle Set - Bangles add some flavor to any outfit.
  • One Line a Day - One Line a Day to capture quick memories as your kids grow! LOVE this.
  • Essie Polish Set - Essie polish in pretty summer shades.


*Post includes affiliate links. Flowers c/o BloomThat.

Best Gift: For a Couple by Kate Brightbill

Style Smaller November-All Images-0030.jpg

Sometimes you just need a gift that's outside the box. I'm REALLY excited about THIS gift under our tree from RedEnvelope. It is... dundunduuuunn: 

Dining Table Tennis.

I don't know what made me think I needed to spend $$$ to get a pingpong table in order to get a good game going. This is genius... it's $30 best gift for couples can actually use on the regular. It's like buying a date, buying a gym membership, and buying a pingpong table all at once. HA!

Seriously though, we're loving it. We kind of got it as a gift for someone else for Christmas, but after testing it, we may need to buy a second set for them...

Pingpong Tourney
Table PingPong
RedEnvelope Table PingPong
PingPong Tourney
RedEnvelope Dining Table Tennis

All photos courtesy of the incredible Pictilio.

All table tennis pieces wrapped with ribbon in one beautiful red box courtesy of RedEnvelope.

All opinions legitimately courtesy of me.



Gift Guide: For the Kiddos by Kate Brightbill

Gift guide season is nearly over, and we're saving a couple of the best gift guides for last: kids! I asked some shop and blogger friends to help share their favorites again, so be sure to visit their sites to get inspiration! 

For the Men // For the Ladies // Shop Small // Shop Local // Party Planning

Kiddos Gift Guide.jpg

Happy Shopping! Are you guys almost done? I'm about halfway through, but really I just have to click a few buttons and finish my orders. I lovvve gifting. Brian and I get so excited about it, particularly when we think we got exactly what someone really wants. I have a love/hate with wrapping. It takes me awhile to be motivated to sit and wrap, but once I do, I love it. We have sparkly gold for a few gifts that we used as a table runner for Sophie's birthday party, and it miraculously didn't get dirty at all! It's the pretty paper that is motivating me to get it done sooner rather than later! 

So today is the day. Finishing the ordering and completing the wrapping. I love Christmastime. xoxo.


Christmas Party Planning by Kate Brightbill

Who likes to host a good Christmas party? I definitely do.

We love having friends over and getting fancy and adding a bit of sparkle to a chilly December evening. I know a lot of you are probably prepping for your own holiday parties, so I asked some event planners and bloggers to send their picks for an extra dose of festive inspiration for you this year:


one: {planning pretty} || scarlet fondant aprontwo- {with lovely} || gold striped paper strawsthree: {delighted magazine} || pine wreathfour: {bustle events} || owl salt & pepper shakersfive: {with lovely} || twinkle lightssix: {planning pretty} || cheers coastersseven: {delighted magazine} || noel pilloweight: {planning pretty} || salud gift set, goldnine: {planning pretty} || rosette wreath kit

Be sure to visit these lovely ladies on their gorgeous sites. Inspiration for days! I promise you won't be disappointed!  


Planning Pretty || With Lovely || Delighted Magazine || Bustle Events

Happy Monday!!