Bits of Life / by Kate Brightbill


To be perfectly honest, the month of May has felt like we've been just holding on for dear life as we go from here to there to there to here. I've been a bit of a distant blogger, but I'm excited about some fun little things we have going for June on this little blog.  

I've was sooo spacey this month, and I think it has everything to do with having a busy mind. We had SO many great activities and dates and weddings and parties, and it was amazing, BUT the long weekend couldn't have been timed any better. This weekend was such a wonderful way to clear things and enjoy my little family time while Brian was off work. We thought we may have wanted to travel for the little holiday, but in reality, it was perfect to be home and relaxed and just enjoying one another.

We also managed to (unintentionally) keep the kids up late enough Sunday night for them to sleep in until 9am Monday. Whaaaat? Yes, I said it. It's true. We all slept that long for the first time in four and a half years. I am so rested!!! Amazing. 

Hopefully I won't be spacey anymore, because now I have no excuse. ;)

In other news: this morning, Sophie asked for a lollipop and I said nope! She told me I'm breaking her heart. She also told me she has tickets for a flight to Africa and tickets to go down a chocolate slide while she's there, so I'm not putting too much stock in this particular heartbreak. Four is a perfectly entertaining age, if a bit dramatic. I think four and fourteen probably have a lot of parallels. 

Maggie has decided her mama is a slacker and she should start potty training. Successfully. Crazy right? I think half of the reason she is so motivated is that it gives her opportunity to unroll the TP rolls and dip hand towels in the potty when I turn my head, but hey, we'll take our victories. If anyone has tips, by all means, I need them. I'm thinking I should encourage rather than discourage the process, but if you think it's better to just wait altogether, tell me. 

So there's a little update on life. I'm getting SUPER organized for this blog in June and I'm looking forward to the consistency, rather than a smattering of miscellaneous postings on random days and times. :)

Happy four-day- week!