Hair Twist / by Katie Brightbill


Today I'm going to talk about hair. I've always heard moms complain about bangs needing to be trimmed or bangs needing to be grown long and I said "when I have children they will not have bangs. Too much maintenance!" And I've actually stuck to it (even though I sometimes love the look of bangs on little girls). I never cut Sophie's bangs when she was little. I just let the hair grow altogether. It's sooo much easier! The front hair still tends to be a bit shorter than in the back, but it's much simpler to have a long strand fall out of a ponytail and just put a bobby pin over there and voila! You can see her face again!

The hairstyle in this picture is the one that gets the most compliments and is probably the easiest thing in the world for me to do do for her. It's the perfect style for her ballet class because they like the girls to have their hair out of their eyes. Just pull hair (brushed or not!) to the side like you're putting it in a side ponytail. Use an adult ponytail holder so that you have plenty of space to twist it in a tight bun and get all the extra flyaways (little girl ones always leave tons of excess hair and look messier). Put a bobby pin on the other side to hold the shorter hair in place and you're done! As the day goes, the bun loosens to perfection, but with the adult ponytail holder, it doesn't fall out unless your daughter pulls it out herself!