New Mom Gift Guide / by Katie Brightbill

Early this morning... as in 4:30am early... we got a text that one of our best friends had their baby girl! Very exciting. It made me think about a time about eight months ago when my Maggie arrived. She is my second, so I'd been to that rodeo before, yet there were definitely things (besides the obvious: FOOD) that I really appreciated as a new mom of two. Once you've done it once or twice, you realize the value of certain gifts for you or your baby during the time of transition. Today I'm sharing my go-to picks for both myself and for gifting to my friends:


One. Aden + Anais Swaddles. Those prints! That softness! That versatility!

Two. Stella and Dot Flower Earrings. Instantly look more put-together... with no effort!

Three. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer. So you never look washed out- at the hospital, parks, stores...

Four. Swatch Watch. Keep contraction times, keep nursing times,

Five. BCBG Magie Flats. Comfiest ever. Good color varieties and great for walking with a stroller!

Six. Hope in a Jar. Soothes exhausted skin like no other lotions I've ever know.

Seven. Plush toy. There's something about each baby having a little stuffed animal to call their own.

Eight. Posie Tint. Dab on the cheeks. Blend. Instantly alive! Used this many-a-tired days!