Post-Vacation / by Kate Brightbill


Ahhh, those post-vacation blues. 

I actually LOVE getting back to the groove of reality, and unpacking suitcases and re-arranging drawers. Organizing is my favorite.


Add three kids to the mix, a little jet-lag, and a teeth appointment and then a realization that said teeth appointment is actually tomorrow, rather than today and you woke your sleep-deprived kids up early for... absolutely nothing... and you got a parking ticket for failing to check street signs, and well. You now have yourself a true "back to reality" moment. Yup.

So now that we all know that my A game has gone missing, let me tell you- vacation was worth the loss in productivity brain cells. I think that sometimes, as a mom of three, my brain just begs for a rest. I generally have so many appointments, to-do's, and meal plans on my mind and I cannot bring myself to unwind from it all. I'm actually proud that I've been able to slow down and unwind... even though I did so enough to become far, far, FAR less than the sharpest-pencil-in-the-box.

We repaired the potentially brutal morning snafu with a stop at B. Patisserie (we are back in the land of pink houses and beautiful calorie-packed pastries, after all), and picked ourselves up and made a good day of it. Everything is officially unpacked and almost everything is clean. The clothes in our closets are all in color order, and the books on the shelf are almost back to color order. We played an adorable round of Hedbanz and ate taco salad all together. These things make my world go round, you know? 

Brian predicted that today I would text him "Brian, the first day back from vacation is so hard, but I am SO HAPPY TO BE HOME."

I didn't text him (for principle... don't want to be too predictable), but truth is- he's exactly right. That first day back is unpacking and hurdles of reality and laundry and emotional children, but it is SO GOOD to be home, every time. 


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