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My girls inherited my childhood hair texture. Straight with a slight wave, fine hair that resists hair clips and headbands. I discovered hair products when I was a teenager, and it did wonders, but as a child, it was tricky to tame my wispy locks. 

Thankfully, my kids have amazing products. I love them so much-- I've written about SoCozy before, and when my complimentary products ran out, I was happy to replace them with my own dollars. They're hands-down my top choice for kids' hair. The products are so incredibly good and effective. 

SoCozy has a few things that set the brand above others: 

  • The products are non-toxic with no harsh chemicals. I try to be sure anything I put on my children's scalp is free from harsh chemicals, and it fits the bill. There are also no traces of nuts, and knowing how sensitive some children are to nuts, this is definitely notable.
  • The scents are natural and fruity and my favorite. 
  • The products work! The de-tangler actually detangles! The styling products actually tame those fly-aways that persist and insist on covering my girls' blue eyes.
  • Preventing the dreaded lice. I cannot even handle all the normal day-to-day tasks, so the idea of trying to rid our home of lice sounds absolutely dreadful! I spray my girls' heads every day with lice spray and so far so good. 

Maggie is a particularly big fan of pampering herself. She's been known on occasion to spend her fair share of time in front of a mirror brushing and "styling" her hair. It cracks me up so much. I sometimes just let her get after the styling products... I mean, you're only four once. I can feel good about the ingredients as she slathers her hair thoroughly with "Behave" cream, and sprays her locks with the "Cinch" De-tangler.

The products are so accessible now that they're being sold at CVS too! Believe me-- your kids will thank you! 

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Purchase your SoCozy products at any neighborhood CVS! Simple!

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