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StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway

Ahhh, spring break. 

Spring break comes at just the right time. Every single year, I start the year energized, invigorated, and ready for the fresh new start. By the time March/April rolls around, we are dragging around here! School becomes a grind, homework becomes a nuisance, and my husband is wiped out from working long hours (therefore, I am wiped out from him working long hours ;). We're all in desperate need of a BREAK. 

Spring is that in-between time... we were deciding whether we wanted to go to hotter weather, colder weather, or just stick around home for a little stay-cation... in the end- lucky us! We got all three! 

  • Stay-cation: we got a few days to stay home sweet home. PJ's until noon was such a refreshing deviation from the hustle. The girls made huge forts, created "restaurants," wrote songs and sang them on repeat. They literally had no place to be except directly in that moment. I cling to unscheduled days for my children. Childhood should feel carefree, and full of imagination and creativity... we capitalized on our time by setting aside days entirely devoted to just that, and little jaunts around the city for treats and such. 
  • Chilly Vacation: We opted for a drive to the snow this year! Friends invited us to their cabin in Tahoe, which was amazing... I personally love traveling with other families and embracing the chaos of kids for a few days. We had a blast. Sophie learned to snowboard... it was incredibly impressive how quickly she picked it up! Seven seems to be a magical age for learning those snow sports, and we think it really helped to have kids she loves teaching her their skills. Maggie skied a bit, but was far more interested in making piles of snowballs, as most four-year-olds would be. 
  • Sunny Vacation: When we got home, San Francisco decided to give us a heat wave. Sophie was back in school, but that didn't stop us from after-school beaching. Ninety degree days cannot be wasted, and it made that week back home feel like vacation lasted just a little longer.

Everywhere we've gone, we've brought Mini Boden. Mini Boden is a brand that creates clothing that lasts, and holds up to childhood's messes and fun. Their clothing is versatile and wearable... not to mention: it's CUTE. I've shown the diverse ways the kiddos wore Boden on our spring break below...

Jack took his Boden to the beach, where he ate fistfuls of sand. ;)

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway

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Maggie wore her Boden around SF... she's obsessed with her kitty sandals, and she borrowed Sophie's shades to add a little extra chic to the outfit. 

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway
StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway

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Sophie wore her Boden hoodie (and shades) every day in Tahoe. She also wore it to school today. It's perfectly cozy, but beachy, and not too thick, so she doesn't get overheated. She also got the cutest striped tank that she can wear all summer long.

StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway
StyleSmaller + Mini Boden $750 Giveaway

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Now the fun part! 

WIN a huge $750 gift card to spend at Boden Clothing!!

I've collaborated with Boden and a small group of other bloggers for this giveaway, and I'm incredibly excited for the winner. I try only to host giveaways when it's something I would REALLY want, and let me tell you: I would definitely be thrilled to receive this! 

Here's how to enter:

  1. Head over to Instagram and tag your photos #MyBodenBreak to enter.
  2. Follow the following accounts:
  3. Comment on one of our #MyBodenBreak photos to let us know you entered! 


SIMPLE. Good luck!! 



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