Wearing & Giving: Tea Collection / by Kate Brightbill


My kids wear Tea Collection clothing more than anything, and it's time I tell you why we love it so much (and offer some Tea for you to win!).

The brand is San Francisco-based (big points right there ;). Tea pulls its inspiration from new destinations every year, and creates clothing for children inspired by travels. The summer line is inspired by Italy's Almafi coast... the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, florals and fruit, ceramic tiles, and bright striped umbrellas. Here's the kicker: their inspiration is created by Tea staff actually traveling to the destinations, and experiencing the culture first-hand.

Tea catalogs read like magazine editorials, with real families wearing new Tea pieces in the cities that inspired the line. The catalogs are beautiful, and the projects are clearly created with heart and passion behind them. They tell stories of introducing their own children to family they have never met who are living across the world, and enjoying family meals together and experiencing life in homes and communities of grandparents and aunts and uncles. This heart behind the brand, and their investment into appreciating cultures across the globe is what truly sets Tea apart from the others. They also give back with their buy one give one program.

Now, all of this is great, but a key question: how cute are the actual clothes? Do I actually even want to buy them? You can put all your heart into projects and have terrible products, BUT!! Good news here! That is NOT the case. 

The clothes deliver. They are gorgeous. Every season, there are beautiful and wearable play clothes lines in prints of all colors. I also noticed that every season, Tea also manages to create "that dress." The dress which will inevitably become a "most worn" piece in my daughters' closets. It's a piece that can be worn over and over but is somehow more loved and better than the rest. Example below: Maggie's every-day wardrobe of 2015. Seriously, she attempted to wear her white dress with flowers at some point every single day last year. She outgrew it and I nearly cried when we gave it away. Thankfully, our friend Jennifer at Sophie and Lili actually created a doll AND portrait {amazing, right!?} that Maggie can keep forever of her wearing this Tea dress!!! It's that special.

That was last year.

I'm happy to tell you, there are plenty of amazing options again this year. Here are my absolute favorite summer dresses for 2016:


One . TwoThree . FourFiveSix . SevenEight . Nine

The fun isn't all for the girls, either. Jack's wardrobe is nearly all Tea tees and Tea pajamas right now! Everything holds up beautifully to his impressively fast army crawls across our floors, and washes beautifully in spite of his messy eating habits! 


SO. Good news: I'm giving away an outfit set from Tea Collection to two different winners! You can take a look at the outfit sets: Girls // Boys // Baby Girls // Baby Boys (my favorite is this one) and enter!!

This giveaway will last until Friday 5/13/16, and you can enter three ways:

  1. Leave a comment here telling me which set you would choose. 
  2. Follow Tea Collection and StyleSmaller on Instagram. 
  3. Tag up to two friends on the Instagram post for two additional entries.

If you're not into giveaways, but you ARE into shopping with discounts, Tea is so kindly offering my readers 15% off of your shopping with code STYLESMALLER15, valid until 6/1/2016. (*Code is not valid with other promotions, or on third party merchandise). 

Good luck and happy shopping! xx


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