Brands We Love: FabKids / by Kate Brightbill

When Sophie was three, she had her first photo shoot with a brand called FabKids. It was a new shop at the time, and her three-year-old heart loved the clothes so much that she wanted to wear the outfits home. ;) We ordered a few outfits over the next couple months, and she wore them to pieces. 

FabKids isn't just another shop to order clothing-- it's actually a subscription service for a cute outfit to arrive monthly for your kids. For those who find shopping for their children's clothing more of a headache than a fun adventure, this is a perfect solution. When you sign up for membership, there is a style quiz that your child can take to really narrow down the type of clothes they enjoy wearing. Each month, FabKids will mail a new outfit. If your kids aren't in need of anything when the time comes for it to be mailed, you can easily log right in and skip a month (or multiple months if you so choose!). 

Sophie and Maggie each picked some favorites this month, and FabKids mailed them right out to us. The fit was perfect for both of them, and the fabrics soft and comfortable. It's always good to have clothing that is truly wearable, and these outfits are just that. They received their first choices, but here were some other options they loved:

(You can click on the images to see the outfits on FabKids) 

SO cute! The outfits are not too serious, playful, and perfect for having the kids looking put-together while getting messy at a park. Truly comfortable clothing is always best. There's also something appealing about the outfits together in one box so there is less thought in the mornings... "here, wear this outfit to school!" When there's a time crunch, I love having quick and easy options (BUT, if you prefer, you can also purchase products a la carte on their site). 


I'm always curious about how sizing runs, and this was pretty simple-- Sophie and Maggie both generally wear size 4-5 on the bottom (in basic brands like Gap & Old Navy), so they fit size Small leggings. For the tops, Maggie went small and Sophie's dress is a medium. 

Also, for throwback purposes (it is Throwback Thursday, after all, haha!) teeny tiny Sophie for FabKids, 2012 line: 

Happy Shopping!!


Products provided for review. All opinions are my own.

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