Mother's Day Roundup / by Kate Brightbill


Mother's Day is around the corner, and I'm a big fan. Really- to be perfectly honest- all I want is a day of rest, some extra cuddles and kisses, but hey! A couple fun treats to celebrate don't hurt either. ;) Here are some good ones:

  1. Farmgirl Flowers- This bouquet is incredible and massive. If you're big on florals (like me!), Farmgirl and BloomThat are top options. I don't personally need huge bouquets, but I absolutely adore regularly having fresh flowers in my home. I actually would rather have fewer flowers more often. I have a habit of stepping into flower shops and requesting my three favorite stems, as opposed to investing in massive bouquets. Even if it's only my little girls gathering bouquets of daisies, I always going to be happy with some florals on Mother's Day. 
  2. Artifact Uprising- I've used Artifact Uprising for prints, but I have wanted to create a photo book literally for years, and just haven't gotten around to it. Their products (which I've seen in person) are of high quality, and the app is simple to use. I may need to simply order one of these on my own, but I think a gift card would help motivate me to do so, rather than putting it off any longer. ;)
  3. Soko Cuff - Many many years ago, I went on a trip to Kenya. I saw the massive Nairobi Kibera slum firsthand, and the great needs of its people. When my friend introduced me to Soko jewelry, she shared that Soko's artisans are Kenyans from that very slum I visited so many years ago. Within two months of working with Soko, the artisans are able to increase their earnings 5x, and are able to feed and educate their children. If money is to be spent on jewelry for me, THAT is a place I would want to see money sent. The artisans receive between 25-35% of each piece sold. Bonus is that Soko jewelry is absolutely gorgeous, and perfectly aligned with my personal style. 
  4. Soko Necklace- Delicate with such beautiful lines.
  5. Prynt Phone Case- Okay, more on this in another blog post soon, but the Prynt Phone case is an amazing technology that prints polaroids from iPhone pictures! Are you kidding me? I am so excited to have been one of the lucky mamas that received one from the brand for Mother's Day and I've literally used it and loved it so much already. Do yourself a favor and watch their video on their website-- it's sheer brilliance. 
  6. Williams-Sonoma Recipe for Breakfast (in bed, ideally! ;)- The Williams-Sonoma blog has endless beautiful recipes and photos. I can't get enough. There are options for the sweet-toothed and savory. 
  7. Doughbie Delivery - Salted chocolate chip cookies are my vice (One of my vices, I should say, haha). Doughbies makes them and delivers them in 20 minutes or less in SF, and next-day delivery to anywhere in CA. Brian and I have sent them to each other a couple times (most recently when I was just having a really bad day!), and they are SO good for morale, not to mention, my abs. Oh wait...
  8. Fragrant Candles- Anthro always has such nice candles, and they almost always have them in the sale section. They're generally far better quality than inexpensive brands, and in my experience last much longer. In the world of candles, I'm a believer that you get what you pay for-- unless it's a fantastic brand on sale. 
  9. Hello Lucky Cards- I'm not much of a card girl, but Hello Lucky cards are my exception. So many bright color combos and quirky lines... they're very much my style, and I LOVE having my girls write cute little notes on cards these days. The way little minds work is so entertaining, and having their words on something I can save for the ages is perfectly appealing. 

If you're looking for low-key or high maintenance on Mother's Day, there you have a little of each! 


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