Style: Rockets of Awesome / by Kate Brightbill


I heard of this brand on Instagram, and then again from a friend.

"You love kids' clothing brands! Have you heard of Rockets of Awesome?" she asked. 

My response, "Yes... but it's not for me. I'm too picky to let someone send a box for the kids that is already curated, and I don't want to pay and go through the drag of returning it all" (oh how little I knew then!).

We both agreed. It's not for us...

But pictures kept popping up on my social media feeds of kids wearing amazing pieces of clothing with @rocketsofawesome tagged. I saw an ad on Facebook. This brand is SO CUTE. My children would love it and I knew it. Maybe it IS for us.

THEN-- A few weeks ago, Rockets of Awesome shot an email over to me, "would your girls be interested in trying a box of our clothes and seeing how they like it?" I didn't want to sound too eager, but uhhh, YES, they would!! 

I finally learned all about the brand and how it works, and I love it even more now because of the following:

  • NO shipping fees.

  • NO up front payment taken.

  • Return bag with shipping sticker is included and I can process any returns by myself online, then just hand it over to the mailman. I'm not EVER charged for the pieces we may not want, because we have five days to return using the online system!

I'm honestly planning to order more boxes, friends. It was so good, and so easy. The pieces change every season, so there's SO much less chance of the girls matching everyone who shops at the same stores at school. 

Here's the process:

Your child takes a little style diagnostic. They let the brand know their likes and dislikes, color preferences, and needs/wants. The brand curates a special box for them with mix and match pieces that are perfect for the season. The box has a great balance of tops, bottoms, and dresses, and each also includes one accessory.  The items are priced between $12-$36. Anything the kids don't like (nothing in these boxes! only one pair of jeans was too big, but they'll fit eventually!) can be returned using the process above. So simple. 

What's in a box, you ask? Wellllll- let me give you a peek inside our boxes:


Fun fact: I had to try taking these photos over the course of several different days because whenever I'd stack some outfits to photograph, Sophie or Maggie would come and grab part of the outfit to wear to school. When I went to snap shots, I'd realize they'd worn it and I'd have to wash it again after school. Hahaha.


As far as style preferences go, I gave Rockets a few tips: my girls love pink, ruffles, sparkle, and fancy. They wear blues well, and generally aren't big on orange. Both girls tend to like their pants snug and their tops looser, or a frilly skirt and a fitted tee. The shoes obviously don't come in the box, but the three pair of shoes pictured can really be worn with any outfit in the box, or some brown boots. If we're planning wardrobes for a season, I love to have versatility in the girls' footwear, and the clothing definitely works with what they already have in their shoe closets already. 

So here's how the kids wore some of the pieces throughout a couple weeks:




And these are their favorite outfits for dancing. ;)


Thank you for the amazing boxes, Rockets of Awesome! We love your brand!


--Boxes provided for review. All opinions are our own.--