Fancy Tea Party / by Kate Brightbill

Photo by  Clara Lu

Photo by Clara Lu

A couple months ago, we were invited to a birthday party. The invitation was for a fancy tea party, and the fancy tea party was a whole new level of gorgeous. 

As a huge fan of fancy children's birthday parties, I felt it needed a post of its own on my blog pertaining all things kid/style related.

The prettiest donuts I've ever seen. ;) From  Miss Jones Baking Co.

The prettiest donuts I've ever seen. ;) From Miss Jones Baking Co.

Birthday parties for me these days are on a case by case basis. If I have the energy and spare time, I will give the party decor my all. I LOVE throwing parties, and my girls are at an optimal age of awe and appreciation for it. I know that when they were tiny, they didn't care a bit if the party was fancy, and I know as they get older they may just want to spend party time hanging with their friends rather than hosting something aesthetically beautiful. We are in the prime age for magical birthday parties, and this one had that extra dose of magic.


Play tents were set up in the park for little kiddos to giggle and share secrets. (Sophie helped model this gorgeous tent above for RH Baby & Child last year! It's amazing in the summer AND winter/holidays)

Tiny kid nails were polished by teenage friends of the birthday girl (why have I never thought of that?), and small tables were set with teapots and tiny tea cups. Everything was from Restoration Hardware (my favorite! Birthday girl's mama works for them!), so everything had that extra special softness and prettiness. 

I love this  tea set! 

I love this tea set! 


Adding to the magic, the boys and girls were given crowns with their names engraved  and cute little wool felt wands so that they felt like princes and princesses. The crowns are soft and sturdy fabric, so they can stand up to a day at the park, and far beyond a typical party plastic crown. My girls have been using them since, and they still look brand new. It was the perfect gift for little guests.

As if the princess party was not enough, the hostess gifted the children with keepsake floating charm necklaces. These are AMAZING. My girls squealed when they saw them and wear them on as many special occasions as they can. I'm in Christmas gifting mode, and this is a PERFECT option for an extra special gift for a child. 


Thanks so much to Julie and Lauren for inviting us to your GORGEOUS birthday and for sharing the photos! We loved everything and are so grateful we could be a part of celebrating the beauty that is five years old with you! 


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