How We Wear: Tea Collection / by Kate Brightbill


School starts in less than two weeks. I said it, so it's real. I've already gotten teary about it. I'm so so grateful I have my Maggie still home with me one more year, but I'm also super bummed about Sophie being gone so many hours every day! Summer has just been TOO GOOD to us. 

In light of the new school year,  we've been chatting around here about what we'd really like to learn this year. We talk about what classes and extracurriculars the girls most enjoy, what they'd like to learn around home, and what how they'd like to grow this year.

Sophie is passionate about swimming, and she'd like to try soccer, but most of all, she'd like to be able to read better by herself. Maggie still enjoys ballet, LOVES cooking and baking, and is a true artist, but when she narrowed her passion to one specific thing, it's that she would like to learn how to write letters. After hearing this, I realized the reality is that school is coming in a very timely fashion after all. After all the fun and sun the girls have enjoyed all summer, they really want to get some academia going, and I don't actually blame them. I spent hours of my childhood reading and writing this that and the other, and I'm proud of their passion for the same. 

Tea Collection has a campaign going to remind us to ask our children about what they're passionate about learning this year. I absolutely adore the global worldview the Tea brand has, and that they believe so strongly in cultivating an appreciation in children to learn about other cultures.

My personal goal this year is to teach my children more about caring for others- in our own city, and around the world. I want them to be children who give to others and try to impact lives for the better in any way they can- even if it's simply filling a backpack with school supplies for a child who cannot afford them, as we recently did... it felt like a small place to start, and I'm not quite sure that the girls quite comprehended why we were packing the bag, but I'm hoping that the more we work together to do these little projects that are for others, the more they begin to see that they can make a difference too. 

I love to show our support for brands that give back regularly, and truly care about world needs, so I put together some of our favorite pieces from the Tea Back to School Collection. Be sure to check their website when you're shopping for your kiddos this year... their pieces all stand the test of time, and are some of our favorite clothing in the closet!

Tea Collection | StyleSmaller

Maggie: Dress || Leggings || Shoes .

Sophie: Jacket || Shirt || Skirt || Boots .

Baby: Pajamas || Cozy Outfit || Booties

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*Clothing c/o Tea Collection. One of our all-time favorite brands for every reason. Affiliate links included in post.