Home Sweet Home: Bedroom / by Kate Brightbill


I've shown bits and pieces of home throughout my time writing on this space, but never given any full visual of our home sweet home.

I love home designs, home blogs, home magazines. Because of all the gorgeous visuals I've seen of other homes, I find it difficult to share bits of my own home- why? Because I know it's imperfect. I am not Emily Henderson! ;) That said, I love our home!!! We have invested a ton of time and energy making our home "us," and I've decided it's going to be a regular thing to share it here. I get so excited to see the inside of friends' homes, so I will share the inside of our home more often-- so come on in-- to our bedroom!  

I think bedrooms always gets most neglected. It's the easy room to say "aaaa, there's company coming! Shove all the unfolded laundry in my room and shut that door, quick!" ....Just me? I think not. It took us the longest time to really invest any energy into creating a lovely space for us, because it's the least seen. It's in the back of our home, so unless guests make a conscious effort to get back there, it's the easiest to dismiss. 

The re-vamp of the bedroom started with a terrible, free "makeover" we received that had to be undone asap. While we were thankful for effort of a team to renovate our bedroom for the purpose of promoting their work, we were most thankful to donate every piece when they were done. Before the makeover, we had a cracked headboard from a bed we had purchased through Craigslist, and a broken dresser. We were not interested in setting either back in our room. The time was now- carpe diem! Our first ever grown-up (non hand-me-down or second-hand) beautiful new bed and dresser were purchased during a West Elm flash sale (be on the lookout when you're in the market for furniture! The deals make all the difference!!), and both made me positively giddy. We've had them for almost a year, and I'm still thrilled every time I go into my room and snuggle in cozy blankets, or open the drawers to place folded laundry. 

Everything else progressed slowly but surely. Only recently have I actually gotten FOCUSED on completing the room though (nesting will do that! I'm telling you-- having a new baby coming has been essential in getting this home in order ;)... We recently got- dun dun duuuuuun: ART

A room with nice furniture is great and all, but the things that really make a room homey are walls covered with beautiful images, and greenery to feed off of it all. Almost every piece in our bedroom is from Minted, and we could not be happier with it. 


Minted has endless options. Neutral colors, soft colors, and my personal preference: bolder colors. I'm SO in love with the gold foil U.S. map, and their frames are SIMPLE to hang (ohhh a complex or poorly frame is a nightmare... I'm looking at you- ikea Ribba frames!). I'm not a photographer, so I'm not quite sure how to fit the room properly into the camera frames, but for your reference, the bed is facing the dresser with the new Minted gallery wall. I have tweeked the objects on the dresser about 100x and will do so probably about 100 more times, because that's how I am, but I'm happy with the fullness and homey-ness we have in there for the time being. It's really become my favorite room to get some peaceful "me time." We love being able to have an area to enjoy our own grown-up space, sans toys and trinkets (though I love the toys and trinkets too!;)


On my wall: Pineapple Print, Twinkling Lights Print, & Bricks Print, US. Foil Map, Yellow Bricks


Framed prints were provided for review. All opinions are our own! We love Minted!