Summer Camp at Bay Clubs! / by Kate Brightbill


This week has been amazing. You know how sometimes you are hesitant to do something that makes you nervous (or in this case, sign your child up to do something), and then you do, and it's better than you ever could have expected it to be?

Brian and I are huge fans of me spending summer breaks being with the kids, having field trips around the city, and doing a little traveling. I generally avoid drop-off summer activities, because school gets Sophie August through May, and well- frankly- it's my turn to hang with her in the summer! ;) 

BUT. This is a big "but" for me to admit: if I'm honest, school kids need a bit more interaction, structure, and activity than I can give them. This is particularly true for this summer while I'm super pregnant and low on energy.

So we did it- we registered Sophie for SQUASH CAMP at the SF Bay Club. I was a bundle of nerves on Monday. The hours were long and the sport was brand new for her-- she had never even seen it played!!

I'm now a believer: summer day camps are brilliant!


Today my Sophie girl just blew me away with her new skills and the confidence that comes with this class. She has made friends with the other little girls her size, AND has had the chance to interact with kids bigger than her who all have supported the little ones and also taught them little tips that they've learned in camps.

Sometimes going outside the box is the best for everyone. Can't wait to share the rest of the week with you!! I've been compiling tips, tidbits, and VIDEOS... S loves watching herself play. ;)

We are thrilled with the Bay Club Camps- they have several locations, and are offering camps all summer!! Be sure to sign your kiddos up HERE. ;)


*Post 1 of 2 in collaboration with The Bay Club. We received complimentary camp and services from the Bay Club in exchange for a writing about our experience. Post is NOT sponsored. ALL opinions are my own. The Bay Club is amazing, and I am recommending it to friends in real life as well as to you! 

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