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James Fox Co.  (with one of Maggie's best buddies, France)

James Fox Co. (with one of Maggie's best buddies, France)

Today is the day!! My dear dear friend Karla launched her genius business: kaftan-inspired delivery gowns by James Fox Co. Eeeee! She's been working so hard to create something so gorgeous for new moms, and she has succeeded so thoroughly with her first collection.

I obviously am thrilled about this-- Baby Three will be arriving in just a couple short months, and one of these gorgeous gowns will be the first to go into my delivery bag. (I already have my eyes set firmly on the floral). I had the privilege of seeing the pieces in person-- I was honored to model for the website-- and they are as lovely as one could hope! Every single detail is meticulous, and a lot of love and heart was put into each piece of the design.

James Fox Co.
James Fox Co.
James Fox Co.

If you or a friend is expecting a new bebe, head right over to James Fox Co. and get your order in... they're going to sell fast!!


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