Maternity Wardrobe / by Kate Brightbill

I mentioned the other day how I have been rotating FOUR outfits, and it's really an accurate number... there are slight variations, but let me tell you- All I've really needed this go-round is the basics!! I think I was over-thinking maternity wardrobes the last two pregnancies, and trying really hard to feel like normal when nothing about me actually feels normal. 

SO, when I was grasping at straws to find a wardrobe that worked, and growing bigger and bigger by the day, I think I would have appreciated some cost-effective options, so I'm offering my little tips to anyone who may be in the same boat.

This is my MAIN outfit variation, and the most versatile and most cost effective of all!... Here we go: THE BLACK DRESS. 


Nothing here is maternity-- it helps to use what you can from your closet before going and spending money on all new items you may not really need.

The black dress is the stretchiest material, and has grown as I've grown. Now that I'm in my third trimester, I do need to grab the next size up, but it still basically works! The dress is Zara and thankfully, they've carried it through at its beautiful $20 price tag to the fall collection, so they're still totally accessible. If you're into buying in bulk, it also comes in navy, grey, and thin stripes, so you can stock right up. 

Now for the rest (from left):

-- look 1

  • Grey Sweater: I love most grey sweaters, but this one particularly looks just the right amount of thin and slouchy to keep you sufficiently cool in the summer and sufficiently warm early fall. I'd definitely wear it open, and it'll carry right through to post-pregnancy days.
  • Long layered necklaces: My favorite for slightly dressing up a day look.
  • Low brown boots: Comfy but stylin' and can carry that extra weight, no problem. 

-- look 2

  • Stud Earrings- I'm really into large earrings, but I also kind of love the simplicity of a basic gold stud. It goes well with pattern, and the overall look stays perfectly casual. 
  • Flannel Shirt- I stocked up on flannel shirts the last couple years, and when I was pregnant, it felt a shame to retire them for the full year, so I've paired them with my black dress regularly. Gives a fresh, casual look to the basic framework, and really allows me to mix up the color combos without spending extra.
  • Leather Roman Sandal- any strappy flat sandal will do, really. Mine are actually black, sold out, but similar, and they're perfect for warm summer days. Black or brown will pair easily with the dress. 

-- look 3

  • Denim- My go-to is a chambray button down, but I feel the same about the chambray and denim jackets... one or the other is such a go-to! Pre-pregnancy sizes will generally work throughout, because they're generally roomy. ;)
  • Gold Tassel Earrings: Gold earrings are my thing, and I feel they're extra essential when I'm pregnant, to add an extra effort to my day-to-day looks. This particular pair works best with an evening look, but a matte oversized gold earring is great for daytime.
  • CrissCross Frida Sandal: These shoes might be a bit much while pregnant, but I have a similar pair that's no longer available (and with a slightly shorter heel), and they're my go-to on dressy occasions. The chunky wood heel supports me far better than any stiletto would, and as long as I don't keep them on too long, I can get around easily for things like that call for fancy but don't require too much walking (weddings or date nights). I actually have this heel on a navy and black and brown pair (2/3 purchased pre-pregnancy), so clearly I have a thing for thick wood heels.


So there you have it! A mini maternity easy everyday wardrobe idea for anyone in the market for that sort of thing!


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