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Before having children, I would look at the hair on little girls, and wonder if their locks had ever seen a hairbrush... Unruly tangles are the name of the game, with a tiny barrette or oversized headband attempting to bring order to the chaos. 

I gave birth to Sophie approx. 6.5 years ago... and immediately understood the plight of hair management for littles. Quite literally, after Sophie's first real bath, her lengthy brown locks stuck straight into the air. I'm talking UP. All day, every day. Pre-bath, post-bath. Inconsolable hair that wanted to make an impact everywhere we went.

Confession: I loved it. 2nd Confession: my hair did the exact same thing. I have exactly two photos of my first year of life because it was 1982 and well- pictures, whaaaat?-- and they prove Sophie's crazy mane was entirely due to my genetics. 

...But baby hair continues to grow, and get longer, and chaos on the head begins to lose its charm. Brian and I both love long hair on little girls, and I wasn't up for the task of bangs (80's nightmares from my childhood), but with two little girls having fine, straight, potentially scraggly locks, it became topknots and pigtails on the regular. 

"No mas!" I said about the tangles and hair madness. came to our rescue and offered NON-TOXIC, natural, beautiful-smelling products to these two ragamuffins, and I now will tell you why and how we love each one: 

StyleSmaller + SoCozy
StyleSmaller + SoCozy

1. Cinch De-tangler and Leave-in Conditioner:

Cinch de-tangler and leave-in conditioner is our solution to playtime. I don't know about your children, but mine spend their outdoor days climbing trees, chalking the sidewalks, jumping rope, and biking/scootering. Their indoor playtime is 90% tent-making and dress-up. 100% of the activities just listed cause TANGLES. The unpleasant solution of hair brushing comes with bad attitudes and scowls... UNLESS you guarantee spray! Spray in itself is appealing, and the untangling it manages turn those frowns upside down. No joke, no exaggerations. Sophie has been really into scents lately, (go so far as to borrow my perfume and spray herself approx. 10x, resulting in her 1st trimester mama running for the hills from the nausea perfume was causing at the time, ha!). The Cinch product tames the scent-spraying need within her, and leaves her with the brightest smell... and smiles.


StyleSmaller + SoCozy

2. Cinch 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 Shampoo-Conditioner-Wash

Friends, bath time in the minds of my children has nothing to do with getting clean, and everything to do with splish-splashing and playing with toys. The whole get-clean part is the nuisance at the start of their soak. The three step process of opening bottles to me feels very succinct and effective, but to them, "mama WHY is this taking so long?" Enter the 2-in-one or 3-in-one bottles of Cinch. No extra steps to condition! No extra bottles to open to soap! All in one, yes please all around. And geeeez with the ideal smells! GUAVA and MANGO. Can it get better? Perhaps, but not for me. I'll take tropical fruit smelling hair any day.

StyleSmaller + SoCozy

3. Behave Styling Creams

Smooth locks are ideal. Enough of the unruly strands. Sophie and Maggie have incredibly fine hair, so I've found that the Behave with medium hold is more effective than the soft hold for truly holding styled hair. The day I began using these products, Brian came home and said "Kate, can you please do the girls' hair like this more? We can actually see their faces and they look put-together!" Why yes, Brian! I got bottles and plan to replace them whenever they run out. Once you see how hair can look, you don't go back to scraggly. 

StyleSmaller + SoCozy

4. Boo! Lice Prevention Shampoo and Spray

Guys, no one wants to talk about it, but there are terrible buggers called lice out there, totally ruining people's days on the regular. When Sophie was in school, we'd get a notice at least monthly that so-and-so's class had a case of lice. Every time, I would check Sophie's hair and itch for a week straight at the mere THOUGHT of lice. I purchased a product near the end of the year, and tried to bring myself to spray her hair daily, but I could not handle the smell of that product. It was so potent and unpleasant! I really believe SoCozy makes Boo! products specifically for me. It's natural but incredibly powerful to make lice avoid your child's head like we try to avoid them! It's the product we will be using 

Friends, please take advantage of the coupon and TRY these fabulous hair products (this is literally a click and print coupon below!! Click and print asap!) . 


This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own. I received compensation and products for review, but SoCozy did not review my post (please see my disclosure policy on the right sidebar). I love these products and am endlessly grateful that I had the opportunity to introduce them to my children! These will be carrying us through the years. :) 

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