Mission District / by Kate Brightbill

Mission #sanfrancisco


  • We let the kids play at Dolores Park. Try not to lose them. It's huge.
  • We buy tacos and burritos... everywhere. 
  • For California-style Mexican, we go to Papalote.
  • For the best tacos on earth, we go to La Taqueria.
  • For the best burritos (in our opinion), we go to El Farolito (the four star ratings on these taquerias are from people who hate hyped spots and are out to kill their vibe, seriously). 
  • For family friendly taqueria (space to spread out!), we go to El Toro.
  • We get morning buns and chocolate croissants at Tartine.
  • We buy ice cream at Garden Creamery or Bi-Rite. Sophie is a huge fan of MilkBomb, but I haven't tried it yet.
  • Love "The Rebel Within" at Craftsman and Wolves for breakfast.
  • We love the cuban sandwiches and insta-friendly vibe at Media Noche.
  • We get inexpensive, calorie heavy, amazing treats at Kings Bakery.
  • We're into the southern Indian food at Dosa.
  • We really want to try El Techo, but there's always a line and we forget to make reservations.
  • We like the chill vibe at Foreign Cinema on a nice evening. Movie showing in a courtyard? Sure, we're in. 
  • For Italian, we prefer Flour + Water and Delfina.
  • Trick Dog for the scene, good drinks, and kale salad.