Currently Loving: Nununu / by Kate Brightbill


When shopping for clothes for my girls, we look for two things: comfort and cuteness. If something is comfortable but always makes the kids look and feel disheveled, we pass. If it's cute and absolutely uncomfortable, it will stay in the closet until it's outgrown. 

Nununu is a brand that perfectly marries comfort and style. Maggie wants to wear her pink dress every single day. It's THE dress for her this season. It passes the twirling test, and has long cozy sleeves to keep her warm.... and it's pink, so it's a win. Their hoodies and sweatshirts are the go-to's for coziness. Sophie picks her grey pullover sweatshirt to wear to school all the time, and Maggie can borrow it for the oversized sweatshirt look we love {hello, childhood as an 80's kid!}.  

Nununu also has the softest baby clothing, with signature stars, graphic prints, or ABC's. If you need to pick up a gift for a little cutie in your life, they have plenty of options. Their clothing is not predictable;  the silhouettes on their dresses and pants are different from what you see every day, and their pieces stand out in quality. We love Nununu.


You can shop my picks below- just click the pictures and it'll take you right to the product! Or just head over to the Nununu site to find what works best for you! Happy shopping! 


Products provided for review. All opinions are my own! :)