Cozy Kids: Socks & Tights / by Kate Brightbill

Last week, I sent Sophie to school in her red chucks and no socks-- the few pair she had were in the laundry, and matching socks is not my forte. 

She came out of her school at pickup with her beaming smile, but she hugged me... then immediately informed me that her feet hurt because she didn't have socks. Ah. Time to do laundry, and probably provide more than three pair of socks for these girls. 

I love the look of socks on kids. Their feet are so small and adorable, and they can match bright colored knee-highs with skirts, they can wear socks high with sneakers, and they can wear socks with flats or mary-janes. Socks and cozy tights always seem to be a good idea in the fall. Ahhh the fall. The sweet, sweet season of fall...

Happy Sock Shopping to all!